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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 5: Hong Kong - Singapore

It was our last day in Hong Kong. We went to Tsim Sha Tsui for last minute shopping. Browsed through the shops at Granville Circuit and then continued to Langham Place at Mongkok. One thing unique about the place that it has the express escalator that goes from level four all the way to level eight.

Langham Place

Later that afternoon, we took an Airport Express train to the Airport. The train is more comfortable than the normal ones. It has better seats with built-in speaker connected to the TV in front.

Chek Lap Kok International Airport

Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 4: Hong Kong

We started our day with dim sum at East Ocean Restaurant at Wan Chai, also recommended by Lonely Planet. It was ok, but the mango pudding was so good.

Then we walked to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center to take some photos.

The original Star Ferry

The colourful Star Ferry

Golden Bauhinia Square
It is the location where the handover ceremony of Hong Kong to China in 1997. The square is situated outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibiton Center.

Reunification Monument

The senior citizens were practising tai qi in the park.

Shopping time
H&M from Sweden has just opened their first store in Hong Kong. The MTR was full with the advertisements so I think I should check it out too. I encountered H&M the first time in Paris, I wanted to buy a T-shirt but he said it's not good. Anyway, I went to Central, and there was a long queue outside the store just to get in. An hour later, I bought a dress. At last I got one from this brand :) Currently they are featuring Madonna, some of the clothes were designed by her. According to the newspaper those items are so hot, I saw them but didn't think they were so special.

I like this brand, they have everything: casual, formal clothing, lingerie, accessories, bags, etc. and doesn't come with a high price tag. Sometimes they ask a celebrity to design clothes for them. Before Madonna it was Stella McCartney. So you can get a designer item but not with the designer price.

Later I went to Sogo, didn't buy anything. Then to Island Beverley, this is like our Far East Plaza, followed by Seibu at Tsim Sha Tsui. Anyway, everything is kind of expensive. I don't mind if it is much better quality or something different, but it is the same kind of thing I can find in Singapore.

Symphony of Lights
After a quick dinner, we walked to the Avenue of Stars at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. From here we can see all the skycrapers in Hong Kong Island. The night view was so wonderful, a long stretch of skycrapers gleaming with lights.

The lights show wasn't fantastic though, with or without, it didn't really matter at all.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 3: Macau - Hong Kong

We took a Turbo Jet ferry to Hong Kong. The journey was about one hour. It was not a very steady ride, if it were more than an hour I would get sick!!

Turbo Jet ferry

Hong Kong
After checked in to the hotel, we took MTR to Times Square. It is a big mall with Lane Crawford and all other big names. We tried Krispy Kreme donuts, didn't think it was very fantastic. We didn't have enough time to look around, there were so many shops and so little time. :(

Times Square

Victoria Peak
We took a public bus to go up the Victoria Peak. I didn't have much expectations because I went there before. At that time, I joined the half day tour and they only brought us to one of the stop to take photo. Anyway, it was worth going up to the top, the view was much better here.

This condo "The Summit" is so cool, all the units have unobstructed view and it is also the tallest condo at the Peak.

Those that are not so privileged will have to settle for this. Lucky that I stay in Singapore :D

The Peak Tower

View from the Peak Tower

The most recognizable building is the Bank of China (with diagonal lines)

On the right: IFC (International Finance Center) is the tallest building in HK right now.

Bubba Gump at the Peak
This restaurant is created based on the Forrest Gump movie, where Gump met Bubba, a soldier that he knew when he served in Vietnam war. After Bubba died, he set up the shrimp company called Bubba Gump.

A lot of memorabilia from the movie are displayed on the wall. The restaurant got character, nice ambience, and very good view!!

By default "run" is displayed. I guess if we turn it over to "stop" plate means we ask the waiter to stop at our table. I'm not sure whether it is correct, because when we turned it to "stop", the waiter asked if we need anything.

The logo is so cute, they also have a shop next to the restaurant selling tshirts, mugs, etc bearing the logo.

Gourmet beef burger. It wasn't made with beef pate, but the whole steak.

Baked seafood rice with lots of cheese and cream. Very sinful!!

I love this restaurant, I will come again if I visit Hong Kong.

Madame Tussauds

Sparring with Bruce Lee??

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day 2: Macau

In the afternoon we took a public bus to Hac Sa Beach at Coloane island (Macau consists of three islands, i.e. Macau, Taipa and Coloane). It was a very windy day, the beach was deserted and there was nothing much to see. Hac Sa means Black Sand, but there was not much of black sand as far as I could see. Before I came, I have already searched about this on the internet, the beach is supposed to be covered in black!!

Hac Sa Beach

Then we had our lunch at Fernando, a Portuguese restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet. It was so crowded with Caucasians. We ordered BBQ chicken and pork steak. The food was just average.

After we finished our lunch we took the same bus back to the city. On our way back, we passed the Venetian casino which is still under construction. It looked exactly the same as the Venetian in Las Vegas.

The Venetian casino

Casinos by day

The Grand Lisboa is still under construction, but they have already opened the casino.

Lisboa Hotel


Fisherman's Wharf (Theme Park)
Not much of visitors here even on Saturday. I think it is a failed project.

Replica of Tang Dynasty Fortress

Replica of Potala Palace, Tibet

Replica of Rome Collosseum

Huan Huan, Beijing Olympic Mascot

Sands Casino

This was the only photo I have of the Sands (at the background)

The interior of the casino is not that great, but it has the most crowd among the three.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 1: Singapore - Macau

Around Macau

Housing blocks

European style building

A school

Senado Square
The square is the center of Macau. There are lots of shops and restaurants along the cobblestone path that leads to the Ruin of St Paul church.

Leal Senado (Loyal Senate) building

St. Dominic church

Along the way leading to St. Paul church, there are many shops selling almond cookies, peanut candies, and even bak kwa. It was more tender than the Singapore version.

Ruin of St. Paul church
The church was caught on fire a few hundred years ago, only the front facade that remained standing. It is definitely the most famous landmark of Macau.

Another colonial style building in the area.

Lisboa Casinos

Grand Lisboa - just opened few weeks ago

The old Lisboa casino and Lisboa Hotel.

Wynn Casino
I love Wynn casino!! It is classier than Grand Lisboa and Sands. The musical fountain is a smaller version of the one I saw at Bellagio in Las Vegas but they have the same concept. When I was in Las Vegas, I watched the musical fountain for two hours. But the frequency here is not so often, it only runs every 15 minutes which means the waiting time is more than the show time.

Other than the musical fountain, the interior, the chandeliers, and everything are tastefully decorated. Well done!

The musical fountain

Macau Tower