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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Playground in the heart of Darling Harbour

We are always looking out for an ultimate playground for our daughter. This one at Darling Quarter has the most complete features with dry, wet and sandy playground in one place.

The picnic area

3m high slide

10m high rope net

There are many more besides those shown on photos. The challenging ones are the flying fox and the balancing ropes for older kids.

Not too far from the playground is the Cockle Bay, an entertainment area with many eateries. That will be next on my list.

Cockle Bay

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sydney most iconic landmarks: The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

No trip to Sydney is complete without having your photos taken with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. So here we go!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This looks like a perfect dining place until the bird poops on your food. Almost experiencing this, but luckily it only dropped on my hair.

Sydney Opera House

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ferry hopping Cremorne Point - Circular Quay - Cockatoo Island

Sunday is a good day to explore Sydney thanks to the family pass. It allows unlimited rides on all kinds of public transport for only $2.50 per adult. To use this pass, you need to travel with at least one child. Don't have kids? Bring along a niece, nephew or if desperate somebody else kid. :P

The best way to maximise this pass is to take the ferry. Ferry is the most expensive transportation in Sydney with one single ride cost at least $6. Our first ride was from Cremorne Point to Circular Quay. As a bonus, we also get to enjoy the panoramic view of Sydney.

Panoramic view of Sydney from Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point wharf

Here comes the ferry

Sydney has beautiful coastal lines which is best explored by water transportation. Everywhere we set sights, we saw big houses facing the sea and many harboring yachts. My favourite part is when the ferry passed under the Harbour Bridge and we caught the first glimpse of the Sydney Opera House. It is still mesmerizing despite seeing them many times in the past. I lived in Sydney before when I was an undergraduate student. So glad to be back. :)

Posing with the iconic Harbour Bridge

Luna Park

From Circular Quay we took another ferry out to Cockatoo Island. There wasn't much to see at Cockatoo Island so we only stayed here for about half an hour before taking our last ferry to Darling Harbour. Our trip was cut short because the kid went hungry. Well, we'll come back again to do other ferry routes.

Entrance to Cockatoo Island

The birds will not have peace when she's around. :D

Balmoral Beach, Mosman

Balmoral Beach Rotunda

Balmoral Beach
View of Hunters Bay from Rocky Point Island

View of Balmoral Beach from Rocky Point Island

Playground at Balmoral Beach

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cremorne Parks and Playgrounds

Today's walking tour is dedicated to parks and playgrounds. We walked towards the north of Cremorne and look what we found along our way.

Cute illustration on the wall of Australia Post Office

This mosaic bench reminds me of Barcelona Parc Guell.
Flowers on the street

Grasmere Children's Park
Our daughter was so excited when she saw so many kids and quickly joined in the fun.

After the kids were all gone, we continued our walk and found another playground at Grasmere Reserve.

Mommy, I love playground!!

From here we walked further and found a picnic ground at Brightmore Reserve. Personally I think this is the best park because it has a dedicated tricycle track! Don't worry, mommy will buy you a bicycle and bring you here again.

Tricycle track at Brightmore Reserve

Opposite the Brightmore Reserve, there is the Primrose Park with the view of Willoughby Bay. 

Picnic with a water view

In just a short walk, we saw four parks that are so close to each other. Wow, Cremorne is really a beautiful place to raise a family. 

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sydney - starting our new life, eh adventure

Woohoo, we are now in Sydney. We just landed the day before and this afternoon we've already started our sightseeing. :D Currently we stay at our temporary accommodation in Cremorne, north of Sydney.

Cremorne Reserve
As a start, we didn't venture out very far and trying to know more of the neighborhood. After checking the Google map, we decided to walk to Cremorne Reserve which is about 20 minutes walk from where we stay.

A glimpse of Sydney Opera House (if you can find it) and Harbour Bridge

This place is not even famous and the view is already like this.

Mosman Bay

Sydney Ferry

Playground at Harnett Park