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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 5: Port Dickson (Malaysia) - Singapore

We had our breakfast outdoor, overlooking the yachts.

Breakfast was served in this colonial building

Outdoor seating area

The berth

We had a quick swim after the breakfast. Baby was very excited :)

Super excited!

That's all for now. Hopefully will travel again soon!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 4: Port Dickson

According to my research from the internet, the only place to do snorkelling in Port Dickson was at the Blue Lagoon. I wasn't very sure myself either because there wasn't much info about it, so the only way to find out was to drive there.

Blue Lagoon
We couldn't find any speedboat to bring us to snorkel, the beach was completely deserted on that day. So while we waited at the beach, hubby swam out to the sea to check it out. Half an hour later he returned and said that there wasn't a single fish in sight. Hahaha.. lucky I didn't go. :P

Blue Lagoon

Cape Rachado National Park
Nearby the Blue Lagoon is the Cape Rachado National Park. We paid RM 1 entrance fee and walked into the forest. After about 20 min walking uphill, we saw the lighthouse.

Cape Rachado National Park

The lighthouse

The lighthouse was off limits, guarded by the military officers but we could walk around the perimeter and had a view from up here.

View from the lighthouse

Thistle Hotel
On our way back to the hotel we made a stop at Thistle Hotel. It is one of the nicest hotels at Port Dickson. I asked hubby to drive in to check it out. Who knows we visit Port Dickson again next time. :)

A huge pool

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 3: Malacca - Port Dickson

I was glad that we finally checked out from that lousy hotel. Crossed my fingers that the next one would be a lot better. :)

We had our lunch at Da Gu wanton noodles before driving up to Port Dickson. I usually don't like a wanton noodles but this one was good. Thumbs up!

Da Gu wanton noodles, the noodles was notably thicker than the usual ones.

Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel, Port Dickson
Our room was superb! Just look at the photos. :) And it was only SGD 75 per night!

Avillion Admiral Cove

Fantastic ocean view from our room.

Twin beds, a double bed would be nicer though.

She was happy with her bed.

A daybed

What I love most about the room is the separator. We could completely close the glass panel for more privacy. This separator really saved us one more room. :P

The glass panel

Small dining area and study desk

A small pantry, great for family traveling with kids.

The kids pool

The swimming pool

Our dinner was at a Chinese seafood restaurant (forgive me.. it is the first time I forget a restaurant name) but the address is Batu 10 (Mile 10) Jalan Pantai. Just look for a corner shophouse next to Weng Yin restaurant.

Baby Kailan

Cereal prawns

Baked crabs (the local called it kam heong style)

Everything was great, this meal cost about SGD 35.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 2: Malacca

Tesco Malacca
Today was our designated shopping day. We went to Tesco hypermart and bought lots of stuff. The baby's milk was 30% cheaper in Malaysia and we bought 4 cans. I also bought many US made food items like baby food and cereal bars. They were also much cheaper here than in Singapore. Another must buy items were contact lenses, I bought enough supply to last me for half a year.

Shopping at Tesco

Restoran Ole Sayang
After Tesco, we had our lunch at this Peranakan Restaurant. It was very crowded during lunch hour. Hmm...the food must be good. :)

Inside the restaurant

Waiting for food....

Itik Tim (Duck with salted vegetable soup)

Chicken Pongteh

Mixed vegetables in Nyonya style

Otak Otak

Ice Chendol

The food wasn't fantastic, it had a funny taste that we weren't used to. We only liked the otak otak and the ice chendol. What a pity :(

Medan Ikan Bakar at Muara Sungai Duyung
In the evening we drove about 4 km out of Malacca to a fishing village and had our seafood dinner here. Ironically, our best meal was actually outside of Malacca hehehe..

A fishing village

Stir fry vegetables

0.5 kg fried prawns with garlic

We had a 1 kg seabass that was done in two ways. I love their fried fish in three flavour sauce (i.e. sweet, sour, and spicy). It was very very nice.

Fried fish in three flavour sauce

Grilled seabass

Total bill was about SGD 30 for 3 adults.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 1: Singapore - Malacca (Malaysia)

Since the baby was born, our travel objectives had changed significantly. We used to take long holidays to travel "Amazing Race" style: visited faraway countries and explored as many places as possible. But now we don't have such luxury. We are happy just to be able to get away for a few days doing nothing. :)

Hallmark Leisure Hotel, Malacca
I booked two bedrooms, a double bed for us and a twin for the baby and our helper. Both rooms were in bad shape. The furniture was worn out, the carpet was dirty and stained, and the room was dark even with the lights on. The breakfast was bad too. It is easily one of the worst hotel I ever stayed. But since it was cheap, I shouldn't complain too much. :P

Looks quite alright here, thanks to my photography skills :D

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
We arrived in Malacca just in time for lunch. Before noon time, a queue had already started forming in front of the coffee shop.

The interior

Rice ball station

Hainanese chicken

I had 3 plates of these. :D

The chili was awesome.

The hainanese chicken here was pretty good, but the winner goes to those rice balls. I couldn't stop eating them with chili. :)

Jonker Street
It's a tourist street in Malacca selling souvenirs and local food products.

Hard Rock cafe in Malacca. At first I thought it was fake!

Jonker 88
Time for a teabreak.

An old Peranakan style cafe

Ice chendol, looks good huh? :)

Sago with coconut milk and gula melaka.

Assam Laksa was HOT.

Malacca river

The landmark of Malacca.

Milk time!

Trishaw ride, anyone??

Porta de Santiago

We went back to Jonker street in the evening and the night market had already been setup.

Night market

Teo Soon Long Chan
We had our dinner at this famous Teochew eating place. The food was ok but the service was bad. The older staffs had attitude problem.

I didn't take many photos here, only the one that I recommended.

Ngoh hiang was the best I ever tried.