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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 1: Singapore - Krabi (Thailand)

I bought the air tickets in June last year for his birthday present, that was long before I knew about the Paris trip. The ticket cost only SGD 90 per person including all taxes. Too good to be missed, huh??

I was ready to forego the tickets but his boss wanted him to go for another business trip so we need to go back to Singapore. His business trip was on the same date as our Krabi tickets so as to not disappoint me, he bought me the air ticket to Taipei. But after he bought it, the Taipei trip was postponed to a later date, so I ended up going to Krabi and then Taipei. Hahahaha... this was too good to be true :P

So here we were in the Krabi hotel, after taking a night flight by Tiger Airways.

With a balcony

The Verandah hotel was located near the main street of Ao Nang beach. It was very convenient, a lot of restaurants, shops and a 24-hour supermarket just in front of our hotel.

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