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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 7: Taipei (Taiwan) - Singapore

It was time to go home. I went back to Singapore on my own as I need to go back to work on the next day and he still had to stay for a few more days.

The flight was 7 am, I woke up at 4.30 am, freshened up and went down to wait for the airport bus. The bus stop is just in front of the hotel, so convenient!! But on that day, the bus was 20 minutes late, so I was quite worried that I would miss the flight. Once the bus reached the airport I quickly run to check in. Nobody was queuing at the counter, I guessed I was the last one to check in.

Finally, my holiday was really over. It started from France and then Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, UK, Thailand, and lastly Taiwan. 12 countries in three months! Without God's blessings, I wouldn't experience something like this.

And for this trip, to borrow the slogan from Hongkong tourism, Taipei is truly my 買東西 吃東西 買東西 吃東西 (shopping, eating, shopping, eating) destination. :)

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