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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 1: Singapore - Surabaya (Indonesia)

This year we celebrated Chinese New Year in Surabaya for a change. I have never been to Surabaya and looking forward to all the good food hahahaha...

Three of us including his brother flied with Valuair together. As usual there's no in flight entertainment but they provided complimentary light snack and water. Nice gesture.

Juanda Airport

Juanda International Airport

Waiting area for departure.

The airport is located at Sidoardjo, which is about an hour away from Surabaya. At first impression, Surabaya was no different from other South East Asian cities that are still developing. We saw many new shopping malls, and many new ones that are still under construction. Even though it is the second largest city in Indonesia but the traffic was quite smooth, definitely not like Jakarta.

Symbol of Surabaya comprises of shark (sura) and crocodile (baya).

Can't remember the name of this government building.

We were staying at his parent's house which is actually merged with his sister's shop house. After staying for so long in Singapore, we have forgotten how big the size of Indonesian houses could be. Their shophouse is about 40 meter long and 4 storeys high, we never walk so much inside a house hehehe...

Living room

Dining area


Our bedroom

I was so impressed with the warehouse on the first and second storey of the house, I think the size could be bigger than our neighborhood Sheng Shiong warehouse.

Warehouse on second storey: these boxes were stacked like this until that black door at the very end.

Shop front was not spared either.

Koi pond on 4th storey.

After dinner at home, we went to Citra Raya, the new town that built like Singapore. There is a new upscale mall, apartments that look like our HDB, landed housing estates, international schools and many open air food centres. Our road sign with 2 yellow lines at the side was copied, as well as Merlion, Raffles statue, and Suntec fountain. It was already dark when we reached there, so I couldn't take any photo as a proof. :) Electricity cabling was also done underground instead of having electricity poles along the road.

GWalk Food Center

Very crowded on Saturday night.

Martabak Terang Bulan (Pancake)
There are two types, crispy and soft ones. We ordered the crispy version.

The menu

How it was made.

Crispy pancake

The local coconut was very big but not as sweet as Thai coconut.

After this we went back home straight away, because all of us haven't packed for tomorrow's journey to the highlands.

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