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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 2: Surabaya - Malang - Batu - Tretes

On the journey to Malang, we stopped at Wonosari tea plantation for lunch. Other than the tea plantation, there's really nothing else to see. It's quite pathetic actually.

Wonosari tea plantation

With nephew and niece

From Wonosari to Malang, the traffic was quite bad, I guess many people took the opportunity to go out of town during Chinese New Year holiday. Malang is a place frequented by city folks for relaxing and enjoying the cool weather. We stopped for a while at his relative's house and then continue our journey to Batu.

Cathedral Kayutangan in Malang

Batu is located at highlands, not very far from Malang. It was raining and dark when we reached there. And to make it worst, all hotels and villas were rented out.

So in the end, we had to drive to Tretes and reached there at 9pm. Luckily we could get quite a nice 2-bedroom villa for only Rp. 700 ribu (SGD 90).

That's the lesson for no proper planning in such a peak season. If I were in charge, of course it would be a different story. :P

And the most memorable thing is to have our New Year's eve dinner at warung (a roadside eating place). My friends always shock when they heard about this. I love it and will remember this for a long long time. :)

CNY Eve's dinner

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