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Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 7 - 8: Surabaya (Indonesia) - Singapore

Since he was still sick, we only went to Pantai Kenjeran nearby for our last sightseeing.

Pantai Kenjeran (Kenjeran Beach)

Muddy beach

Chinese temple facing the ocean

Entrance to the temple from the road

4-face Buddha like in Thailand

Suramadu Bridge Project
On the way home, we made a detour to see the new bridge that is almost completed. The 5.4 km bridge is called Suramadu, connecting Surabaya and Madura Island. It is the longest bridge that ever been built in Indonesia.

Nearly completed Suramadu bridge

Galaxy Mall
I quite like this shopping mall, but we really didn't have much time to look around.

Food Court

Dinner at Orchid Hong Kong

The dimsum was quite cheap, it was less than a dollar for every plate.

Dimsum for dinner. :)

It was our last night in Surabaya. Time to pack our luggage.

Mesjid Al Akbar
This mosque is such an eye-catcher on our way to Juanda Airport.

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