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Monday, October 05, 2009

Day 1: Seoul (South Korea) - Fukuoka (Japan)

It was time to get out of the country after a three-month stay in Seoul. This wasn't one of my travel plans but I was forced to. As a Singaporean, I could only stay for three months max, unless I have a long term visa pass.

So where should I go? I only have three options: Japan, China, or Singapore. Flying back to Singapore was a waste of money, so that was out. The air ticket to Shanghai was the cheapest, but to go there by myself hmmm... So that's how I ended up with Fukuoka in Japan.

It was my first time travelling alone in a new country and I was quite nervous. Let's start the adventure!

Took the airport limousine to Incheon airport in the early morning.

On the way to the airport.

After clearing the immigration, I participated in paper fan painting that was organized by the Korean Government to promote their culture.

This was another first for me as I never use water color paint in school. I was generally quite bad in handicraft and no need to guess, my painting was quite horrible. Now I don't know whether I should throw it away or still keep it as a souvenir hahaha..

Unfinished paper fan

Flying over Incheon Grand Bridge

Incheon city

The Asiana airplane was pretty nice, for a 1 hour 20 minutes flight I still have a TV in front of my seat and they served pretty good meal.

Breakfast consist of soba noodles, rice, fish cakes and vegetables.

Flying above Fukuoka.

The Fukuoka airport is the nearest that I ever know. It's only 7 minutes by subway to downtown.

Welcome my foot!

The immigration officer asked me so many stupid questions, I guess it's because I was traveling alone. Probably she thought that I wanted to stay long term in Fukuoka illegally or getting married here. You never see a girl travelling alone?? ~!@#$%^

This wasn't over, at the custom clearance they thought I was a drug mule. I was the only one whose luggage was checked so thoroughly and then many more stupid questions. Showed me the pictures of cocaine, marijuana plants and asked me whether I have those stuff. You think a real drug mule would have admitted it? Not only that I was body searched by a lady officer, she asked me to remove my shoes, checked everything inside and under my shoes and then swiped her hand under my socks! @#$%^&*())(**&&^%%##@! I gave them dirty looks and walked away. Crap!!

Actually we had planned to go for another Japan trip after this, it just made me think whether I should change the plan and spend our money somewhere else.

From the airport, I bought a one day subway pass (¥600) and took the subway to Gion. Toyoko Inn Hakata Gion is just located opposite exit 6 of Gion subway.

Subway station

Each station has different logo.

After leaving my luggage, I had a quick lunch nearby. The lunch cost me ¥410. Now I could really feel the pinch.

I usually don't like udon, but this was pretty nice. The tempura is the nicest I ever tried, it's crunchy yet so soft.


Fish tempura

Then I took the subway to Meinohama station. From there I took the bus to the Meinohama ferry terminal.

I met pretty nice people along the journey, eventhough they couldn't speak English but still very helpful in figuring out which bus I should take to the ferry terminal.

The houses near the ferry terminal are so nice. It's called Marine Town.

Meinohama Ferry Terminal

View from the ferry terminal

This was my final destination.

Only 10 minutes ferry ride away.

Reaching Nokonoshima Island.

Nokonoshima Island

Took a bus up to the top of the hill.

A small golf course

Saw many big spiders

This looks like the beak of a parrot.

The view up here.

Went in to the rabbit enclosure and fed them.

They grew tired of bread hehehe...

Many restaurants here

A cafe

Picnic ground

Overlooking the sea and cosmos field.

Isn't it pretty? :)

Set up my mat here, if only hubby could come. :(

I stayed here for almost two hours and then took the bus down to the ferry terminal, it was getting cold in the evening.

A fishing village.

Fukuoka landmarks from the Noko ferry terminal.

Ferris wheels and the cathedral in the evening.

From Meinohama, I took the subway to Nakasu Kawabata to find yatai (roadside stalls). Fukuoka is famous for its tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen.

Naka river

After walking for three blocks, finally I found it!

A stretch of yatai

I sat nicely here and waited for my ramen.

The menu.

They are selling many other things too.

That's my tonkotsu ramen. ¥600 (SGD 9) with only 2 very thin slices of pork. :(((

It's my best ramen ever, so delicious!

Oishii!! Burp.

After dinner, I went to the supermarket near the subway station and then back to the hotel. My single room is actually a spare space behind the elevator. That explains why I have the long corridor.

I still have a bath tub which is only three-quarter of the usual size heheh...

This is the entire space I have. I don't even need a remote control. :P

As usual, Toyoko Inn always provide pyjamas.

Welcome gift

You could still find cheap things in Japan, if you know what to buy.

Watched Mamma mia on TV while having my salad. That's all for the day.

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