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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 99: Seoul (My very first mountain hike)

We had our lunch at Samcheongdong Sujebi. Read about this restaurant on a guide book and thought of giving it a try.

Samcheongdong Sujebi

A large container of kimchi on each table.

We ordered sujebi for two persons. It is 6,000 won each.

One big pot of sujebi.

Sujebi main ingredients are dough flakes, potato and some vegetables with soup that is cooked for hours. The soup was quite tasty but it was too plain for me. It's better to order a smaller portion with some other dishes.

After lunch, we walked along the same street to Samcheong Park. We planned to have a little picnic there. :)

Prime Minister residence is just around the corner.

The cafes and restaurants here have very interesting exterior and decor. I want to try all these places!

Cool bench cover at a cafe

Le Petit Prince cafe

Dunkin Donuts cafe

Finally we reached Samcheong Park. Hmm.. it didn't look like a park at all, more like a forest.

After walking for a few minutes, we reached a resting area.

Resting area

There's nothing here so we decided to climb the steps up to Prospect Point.

Go up and up.

The steps were like no end. We were already halfway up, so there's no turning back.

We were so high now, keep climbing!

Then we saw a military post.

And then a few more steps to our final destination.

Wow, what a view! I didn't know that we had climbed so high. :P

We could see our apartment building from here.

I felt a sense of achievement hehehee... this was my very first mountain hike and it's unplanned! It only took us about 30 minutes, a pretty easy hike.

Hubby found a great spot for us to rest.

The temperature was cooling so we didn't sweat a lot, it's a perfect weather for hiking. :D

Yes, I did it!

Hiking with sandals, no problemo!

The nearby mountains

After resting for quite sometime, we climbed a little bit further and saw the other side of the city. The sky here was clearer.

After this, we went down to the park and did more exercise. :P

Saw another sign here, we actually climbed 800 m up. Not bad for a beginner. :D

We walked back to Samcheong main street and saw many people queuing for ice cream.

The ice cream yoghurt was so tasty and refreshing!

There goes all my hardwork!!

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