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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 1: Singapore - Taipei (Taiwan)

Silken Hotel
This hotel is a bus stop away from Shilin Night Market. Not our first choice but it turned out to be the best hotel I have ever stayed. With the price a fraction of the five-star hotel, it gave free internet access, snacks, fruit juice, mineral water, a complete toiletries (those basic ones plus shaver, mouth wash, dental floss, facial cleanser, aromatherapy oil for bath, and even a face mask!!). I don't think you ever get those in any other hotel. The room came with Plasma TV with almost 100 channels (it was much less at Grand Hyatt) and a jacuzzi bath tub with changing color lights. It was really fantastic!! Besides the facilities, the receptionist was so helpful and patient in finding us the right buses to the places we wanted to go.

Plasma TV

Jacuzzi bath tub

Shilin Night Market

It was very crowded on saturday night.

Extra large fried chicken fillet 炸雞排

Quite ok. I like both Singapore and Taiwan version.

Ah Chung mian xian 阿宗麵線

This was yummy, and it was only SGD 2 per bowl. Must try!!

Fried buns 生煎包

We tried both cabbage and meat fillings. The meat fillings tasted like xiao long bao. I preferred the cabbage one. Quite nice.

Lemon aiyu jelly 檸檬愛玉

The drink is made up of lemon jelly and pearl (like those in pearl tea). The local called the pearl as frog eggs.

Onion cake 蔥油餅

Don't like it. It is all flour.

We just tried everything that had long queues. Also tried their pearl tea, the tea flavour was quite strong. It was good.

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