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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 1: Paris (France) - Barcelona (Spain)

16 Days Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal map

This was our first holiday here since we arrived in Paris. We booked the tour of 12 days of Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal but it didn't include Barcelona. So today we were going to Barcelona first and stay for four days.

We took easyJet flight from Orly which was the nearest airport to the city center. Arrived there 4 hours early hehhee.. because I read the check-in time instead of departure time. We woke up at 6 am and rushed for nothing!!

Orly airport

Took this picture from the airplane.

The flight was only 1.5 hour, if we took the train it would be an overnight journey.

Barcelona airport

I think all the metro stations in Europe are terrible. 90% of them have no escalator or lift and the stations are so big so we have to walk up and down the stairs just to get to the correct platform with our luggage. It will be more walking if the journey requires metro transfer.

Metro platform

A plus point - the train was quite new.

Hotel Catalonia Atenas
The hotel is just across the metro station. Very convenient.

View of the street down there

Torre Aqbar - a weird looking building, what comes to your mind?

After checking in to the hotel, we quickly rushed to Montjuic to catch the musical fountain shows. It was our only chance because it only showed on certain days.

A monument opposite Montjuic

Besides the fountain, it also has a park, two museums, and Olympic Stadium but we only went to the fountain area.

Entrance to the Montjuic

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Buskers in front of the museum playing some Spanish folk songs. It was great to listen to them plus enjoying the view of Barcelona.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The fountain before the show

The show had started...

I'm a sucker of musical fountains. Since I saw the Bellagio one in Las Vegas, I'm always looking forward to one. But sadly to say, this one was not up to standard. The choreography was not even synchronized to the music, and after a while it was pretty boring. They should try to recruit someone from Bellagio.

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