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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Champs Elysees

Arc de Triomphe
The arch is within a walking distance from our place. So instead of taking a metro we had a slow stroll along the neighbourhood. The leaves were changing color and some had fell from the trees. It was a very pretty sight.

It is still as magnificent as the first time I saw. It's really a must-go landmark.

Champs Elysees
How could I miss Champs Elysees on our last trip? Anyway last time we were on budget, so we didn't want to waste time if only can afford to window shop hehehe...

The biggest Louis Vuitton shop in the world is located at 101 Avenue des Champs Elysees. Notice the graffiti on the sign hehehe...

Queue to enter LV building.

We went in to the building as well. It was really crowded with 90% of Asian customers. We also heard a lot of them speaking Indonesian. Almost all the salesperson are Asian too. Hubby said that they really cheated the Asian. But I'm thinking of buying one too. :) Actually to think of it, it's true. I didn't see much LV bags here compared to Singapore where everyone is carrying either LV or Gucci.

Free bicycles are everywhere.

Once you become a member, you can just take any of this and return it to any docking stations all over Paris. First half an hour is free, subsequently you have to pay for every half an hour. Hubby is thinking of going to use this too because from our apartment to the metro station is a 15-min walk.

A distorted building? Actually it is just wallpapers. Some passers-by even asked us whether it is real.

This must be a restaurant frequented by the actors and actresses.

View of Arc de Triomphe from Champs Elysees

View of the Obelisk in Place de la Concorde from Champs Elysees

Grand Palais (Grand Palace)

The Grand Palais is now a museum and exhibition hall.

A small park opposite Grand Palais

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