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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Parisien apartment

This is our tiny (the agent said cosy) apartment. I spent the whole day unpack and clean the apartment. Now it looks quite alright and I started to fall in love with the place already :) Let me know what you think.

The apartment building with a cafe. Haven't been there yet.

The entrance

The lobby

The smallest lift, only fit two persons.

If you scared of the small and dark lift, you can take the stairs.

Our apartment door


We brought the rice cooker from Singapore. :)

Living room

Door to the bedroom


Other side of bedroom

View from our window which means no view. No Eiffel Tower in sight :P


Separate toilet

These two days I only ventured out to the neighbourhood, buying groceries. It has been so long that I have done any cooking. Love this kind of life, no work, no stress and just have to think of my shopping list for the next trip to supermarket. I promise hubby to cook everyday until I run out of ideas hehhee... Now I have a lot of time for myself to do mini facial, spent half an hour in a bath tub, this is the life I yearned for so long.

So far the only problem I have is the language. Like when I was buying groceries, I have to keep guessing what it meant. So far I have picked up a few vocabulary like poulet (= chicken), beouf (= beef), poissons (= fish), oeuf (= egg), jambon (= ham). veau (= veal), and porc (= pork).

Things are expensive, double of what we usually pay in Singapore. So let's say 1 pack of eggs is SGD 1.5. It is EUR 1.5 euro here. 1 EUR = 2 SGD. A meal at a restaurant usually costs around SGD 30 in Singapore, here it is EUR 30. So I really have to cook. But so far I still enjoy doing it so no worries.

I think I will start exploring Paris in the next few days. Will do it area by area.