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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Singapore - Bangkok (Thailand) - Paris (France)

I feel blessed of having the opportunity to visit Paris again and furthermore, stay there for a short period. I still remembered that night I told him "It would be nice to stay and work in other country for a change. I would like to experience another culture, another way of living." The next day, he was offered to work in Paris for 4 months. It was really a pleasant surprise!! Thanks God for such a wonderful plan for our life.

We took a Thai flight which transit in Bangkok for two hours. He gave me his business class seat of SIN-BKK leg, so here are the pictures:

The menu

Starter - Peppered salmon with beetroot and apple salad topped with walnut

Main course - Panfried prawn with sundried tomato fresh basil pesto sauce, light polenta with rosemary, roasted vegetables

Dessert - Sticky rice with banana delight. I like this most, even forgot to take picture before I ate.

It was an old B777 plane, other than the 3-course meal and a wider seat, nothing else worth to be mentioned. Personally my experience with Qatar business class was much better. While in Bangkok airport, I also had the chance to go to their business lounge. The place was equipped with shower room, internet access, and also free flow of finger foods and all sort of drinks. I loved the toiletries products from local Hann and Thann. The liquid hand soap smelt heavenly.

After all the good things, it was time to endure a 12-hour flight in economy. And to my horror, no TV in front of the seat!! I'm not the one who can sleep without a proper bed, so TV is very very important. Just when the lights were off, hubby came and RESCUED me from the rotten place hehehe... I was ushered to the upper deck and voila, a skybed was waiting for me. It was the first time ever that I slept for a good 7 hours on a flight.

I'm now spoilt, hopefully we can repeat the success again when we return. :P


Anonymous said...

wah lucky you!! oh sticky rice with banana looks yummy even after you have taken a bite! laura ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey.... living in another country is always a good experience of life... I agree, YOU ARE REALLY LUCKY!!!

The apartment looks fine just bit small, but.. it's easy to clean so you have more time to explore the city :P

So, what have you been cooking so far.. if you run out of ideas.. always can do some surf in the net :P

Enjoy your stay and have FUN!!!


Anonymous said...

pa le hu fon sei ?

from bozo in sg