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Monday, March 01, 2010

Singapore - Medan (Mom's cooking)

I had been craving for my home town food since I was in Korea. So after spending a few weeks in Singapore, I flied back to Medan to hunt those foods that I used to have when I was young. The other mission was to learn some new dishes from mom. I was so sick of my own cooking that I didn't want to cook anymore! Poor hubby hehe...

I was being pampered like a princess at home. Everyday I will have two glasses of freshly squeezed juice readily on the fridge. And I just need to tell mom what I would like to eat and she and her wonderful helper will prepare the dishes.

These are some of the dishes that specially prepared for me, don't ask me how to cook all these. I only learn some easy ones. :P

Crabs with salted soy beans (tauco)

Mince meat and mushroom wrapped in sea cucumber

Fried pork in sweet soy sauce, this is not burnt!

Tofu with mince meat and mushroom

Shark fin soup

Stir fried bamboo shoot with snow peas

Fried pomfret with wood ear fungus (木耳)

Chicken steamed in sesame oil, salt and ginger. The chicken essence is nutritious.

Beef tendon in radish soup

Spicy lala

Braised pig trotters

Pecel (steamed vegetables and peanut crackers/rempeyek)

With home made peanut sauce from my relative in Surabaya.

Fried black pomfret in tamarind (assam jawa)

Fried prawns

Pig stomach with salted vegetables

Steamed mince meat with salted fish

Snacks and desserts
Our helper, Atik loves to make snacks and desserts. All these were prepared by her.

Kolak (banana and sweet potato in coconut milk and gula jawa) How I love this!! As you see, I only eat the bananas hahaha...

Steamed banana (pisang kapok) ... I could eat at least 5 in one sitting. :)

Fried nian gao (chinese new year cake) wrapped in wonton's skin

Unlimited supplies of prawn crackers. We never run out of crackers at home. :D

Life is really good in Medan. I don't have to lift a finger to do any housework. We have a chauffeur that brings us everywhere and helpers for our domestic chores. And a masseuse will come every week to our home to do massage. The only problem in Medan is the power failure that haunts us now and then. But lucky for me, it improved significantly when I was there, my friends said that the PLN (like PUB in Singapore) was scared of me haha...

Mom's bonsai

Orchid at our garden

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