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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Medan (Save the best for last: snacks and desserts)

Teabreak that as big as the lunch itself.

Bakmi Guangzhou at Palladium Mall

Tau Kua He Ci (dry tofu with prawn crackers) at Jalan Yose Rizal

A few metres away from the tau kua he ci shop, there's a shop selling very nice mee rebus, es campur and chendol.

Mee rebus at Jalan Yose Rizal

Es campur (mixed ice)

Chendol with very fragrant gula melaka, I prefer this than es campur.

And we had otah and bought back some lemper ayam.

Nelayan Dim Sum Restaurant
Always crowded, the only dim sum restaurant that has a lot of branches.

Prawn salad fritters

Leng Hong Kian

Sate Padang
If you ever come to Medan, this is the one thing you must not missed. I have been stuffing myself silly with this since I was a kid. (Thank God I only go back once in a while. :D) My record is 20 sticks of satay, 1 rice cake and I clean up the gravy too. :D I actually don't like mutton, and this is the only one that I eat. The mutton satay doesn't have any mutton smell at all.

But since this time I wasn't allowed to eat any mutton, having the rice cakes with gravy is better than nothing. :|

Sate Padang Ajo at Jalan Lahat

de Waroeng at Cambridge Mall
Coincidentally met up with some old friends here.

With friends

Bubur sum sum (Indonesian rice pudding)

Chai bao (steamed vegetables dumpling)

Lupis (glutinous rice with gula melaka)

Muah Chee from Pasar Ramai

I love the muah chee here, it had some rough sugar that added to its crispiness.

Bolu Gulung Meranti
The most famous swiss roll in Medan. I don't really find it fantastic, but they are quite generous in fillings.

It's a huge roll.

Overloaded with cheese! I have to throw away most of it, it's pretty scary to eat that much of cheese.

Tape ubi (fermented cassava)

Serabi (thin and crispy pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk)

Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch for about 350 years, risolles and croquettes are one of the Dutch snacks that are popular until now.

Risolles and croquette from Gogo at Jalan Mojopahit

Soybean curd, particularly love the gravy which is made from ginger and gula melaka. It is very fragrant and has a spicy taste.

Es Teler 77, more ingredients than the one in Singapore especially the avocados.

Fountain Ice Cream Parlour
My favourite place for ice cream. Cheap and good, the price is around $2-3 per glass.

Having sundaes with friends.

One more.

Buttercup at Cambridge Mall
Overpriced bubble milk tea.

Not nice either. :(

Gelato Bar at Jalan Pattimura
Cool place to hang around..

Our gelatos

That's all from Medan. Other than hunting for food, I didn't do any sightseeings. Actually not much things to do in the city itself except visiting the malls.

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