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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Medan (Eating Out)

Before I went back home, I had made a list of things that I craved for. And here they are, together with many of them that are not in my list too. :) As you will see later, the problem with all these photos are the lack of food presentation. In a small city like Medan, nobody cares about food presentation. Taste is all that matters.

Fried Kwetiau
This is my number one favorite food, I can't find this kind of frying style in Singapore, the closest one I could have here is the Penang style.

Kwetiau Ateng at Jalan Sumatera

Fried kwetiau with fish fillet at Jalan Kutacane, looking at this again made me drooling.

Kwetiau Ateng is the most famous fried kwetiau in Medan with many branches. Between this and the one at Jalan Kutacane, I still prefer the latter. When I was young, I had this for dinner almost every other week. :)

Wonton noodles
The Medan style wonton noodle doesn't emphasize on the wonton (dumplings). Eventhough they are called wonton noodles, sometimes there isn't any wonton in sight. The most important factor of a good wonton noodles is the type of noodles and the kind of meat. I never like wonton noodles in Singapore, the only one that could make it is the Koo Kee noodles or Kolo mee which originated from Malaysia.

Mie Tiongsim at Jalan Bogor

Mie Lindung at Jalan Singa

Mie Tiongsim is the most famous in Medan, but between these two I prefer Mie Lindung. I love mince meat, and they gave me such a generous amount. They also gave a lot of sinful fried pork lard (those in black) which I threw away.

Roasted Pork
Naruto three different types of pork: char siew, roasted pork and sausage. My favourite was char siew with a lot of burnts all around. Sinful but yummy...

Naruto roasted pork with rice at Jalan Gedeh

Texas Fried Chicken
This is better than KFC!

Texas Fried Chicken, only available in Indonesia.

Merdeka Walk
Alfresco sitting food court in the heart of the city.

Merdeka Walk

I had the Jalan Lebong gu bak wan (beef ball soup) in Merdeka Walk. It was such a disappointment, cause I like the beef balls and they gave me two only with the rest of stuffs that I don't like.

Beef ball soup with kwetiau and bee hoon

Cabe Rawit food court at Sun Plaza

Lunch with old friends

Martabak telur

This is one of my favourite supper when I was young. But since I wouldn't dare to buy from the street vendor anymore, I'm happy to find this in food court.

M & R restaurant at Jalan Taruma
Overall the food is pretty good here, my favourite is the home made tofu and the fried gurame fish.

Very nice home made tofu. I finished most of them. :)

Fried gurame fish in thai style.

Deer meat in black pepper sauce. Too spicy and salty.

Sweet and sour chicken, just average.

Mixed vegetables

Jittlada Thai Restaurant at Cambridge Mall
A pretty expensive restaurant with great ambience. The food is pretty good, but I think it is the ambience that gives them a big plus.

Thai fish cake

Very tender beef curry, our favourite that night.

Sweet and sour chicken

Mixed vegetables

Mangoes with sticky rice. Eventhough the mangoes look pale, they were very sweet.

Dimsum Ayong at Jalan Babura
I love the dimsum here, it is as good as the Cantonese dimsum that we have in Singapore with much cheaper price. It cost about SGD 2 per plate.

Great plain fried kwetiau. Try to believe it. :)

Shrimp dumplings

My favourite Leng hong kian (dragon and phoenix dumplings). This kind of dimsum is only available in Medan.

Chee cheong fun

Fried shrimp dumplings

A huge lo mai kai (glutinous rice dumplings) with generous meats and salted eggs.

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