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Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 1: Singapore - Taipei (Taiwan)

7 Days Taipei map

Changi Airport Terminal 3
Cool! That was what came to my mind when I stepped into the terminal. It was bright, spacious, and definitely world class! I am really proud to be a Singaporean. :)

Entrance to Terminal 3

Departure area

Baggage claim area

A new Crowne hotel is being built next to Terminal 3.

Shopping area after the immigration clearance

I was lucky to gain entry to business lounge again. The place was cosy, and the refreshments was the best. They served chicken porridge for breakfast instead of usual sandwich and biscuits at other airports. The porridge was as good as those I had in dimsum restaurant.

The lounge is divided into business and first class section.

Very spacious and cosy

Chicken porridge - the best refreshments I had in an airline lounge.

Departure gate area

It had been at least 10 years before I took SQ flight again. The inflight meal has local flavour, that day they served chicken rice complete with its chili sauce. It was as close as what I could get hawker center. What a comfort food! I also had Singapore Sling which was prepared from a ready made concoction with pineapple juice. It was so good, I told myself have to find out where to buy the concoction.

So far I have good experience with SQ but don't think I will take again in the near future. The airfare is just too costly compared to other airlines. This time was an exception because the ticket was redeemed from the loyalty program. :D

Grand Hyatt Hotel
We stayed here again and this time the view from our room was Taipei 101. Wow, so nice. :)

View from our room

It was raining outside so we decided to have in-room dining instead. We called the room service and ordered Taiwanese beef noodle and braised chicken with rice wine. Twenty minutes later, a waiter came with a mobile table covered with white table top. The food was stored in the food warmer under the table and he quickly set it up in our room. The service was professional and the food tasted heavenly, it was simply the best.

Taiwanese beef noodle

Braised chicken with rice wine, the gravy was so yummy.

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