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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 4: Krabi (Thailand) - Singapore

After checking out from hotel, we went for massage at Ao Nang beach. The service was widely available, ranging from hut style to high end spas. The one I went was operated in a proper building in front of the beach. It cost about SGD 12 per hour, same price as those operated from the hut. It was very cheap but the masseuse skill was not good enough.

Later we went to McDonald's for lunch to get some cold air, stayed there until 4 pm before we took a walk again on the beach and waited for sunset.

Tonight's dinner was at our regular place. We ordered deep fried fish and tom yum soup. After coming here for a few days in a row, we noticed that others were also regular like us.

Deep fried fish

Even the fish head was not spared. :P

The boss asked us to visit him again tomorrow but we told him it was our last day here and we promised him to tell all our Singaporean friends about his restaurant. So friends, the restaurant is called Parichat, owned by an Indian - Thai (he looked more Indian than Thai) guy. Direction: find hotel Verandah first, cross the street and walk a few meters towards Peace Laguna resort.

After dinner, the hotel driver sent us to the airport. We arrived home at 1 am in the morning, quickly took out everything from the luggage and put in the new set of clothes for Taipei. Luckily I had prepared everything before I left, so I could finish fast and go to bed early. We had to catch the morning flight tomorrow.

I felt like we were transiting in Singapore instead of going home. :D

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Mom said...

the wall's logo is so cute. Who ate the fish head? Poor fishy...