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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 3: Krabi island hopping

Yesterday we signed up for a snorkelling trip to nearby islands of Krabi. We chose the nearest islands and the shortest boat trip as I was not very adventurous when it came to everything related to the sea. :P

I didn't care whether the islands were pretty or not, I was only concerned on how long the trip was and whether we could take a speedboat. Speedboat is the fastest mode of transport compared to the big boat or long tail boat. The package was pretty cheap, about B800 including transfers, lunch, fruits, water, and snorkelling equipments. The same trip could be even cheaper with long tail boat.

This morning, a "truck" (literally) came to pick us up hehehe... very soon we were already on the speedboat and it took a mere 20 min to reach the first island. The boat trip was wonderful, we saw many limestone rocks raised up from the sea.

Our speedboat

Tup Island
I didn't expect it to be so nice, the most special about this island was the sandy path to a nearby island.

The sandy path to a nearby island.

Everyone was walking towards the other island.

We only walked half way and decided to do our snorkelling here. There was no waves, and the water was so clear, it was such a great day for snorkelling. I was so happy to see the fishes. :)

Next, the guide brought us to a snorkelling area near some limestone rocks. There was no island insight, so we had to jump down from the speedboat. The fish here had more varieties and the coral was plentiful. It was a much better site for snorkelling.

Chicken Island
We had our lunch here, the local people even set up a canteen to sell food. Our lunch came from this canteen, which consisted of fried rice with chicken and a MSG soup. Yeah, the lunch sucks. :(

So now you know where it got its name from.

Poda Island
This island was bigger than the previous two islands and more crowded too. We also had our snorkelling here plus feeding the fish. Actually we saw more fish on feeding time than on our snorkelling excursion. :P

Surrounded by the greedy fish

Feeding time

They came in full force. I was so scared that my fingers were part of their meal too.

Phranang Bay
The rocks here was impressive, no wonder I saw some people did rock climbing here. The beach had the softest sand I knew after Gold Coast in Australia. It was where Rayavadee, the very expensive resort located. I checked out their rates on the internet, average of SGD 400 per night. After paying so much, too bad the beach wasn't exclusive to them. When we arrived there, the beach was already full of people, I didn't think that all these people stayed at that resort.

Shrine for the fertility goddess at Princess Cave.

No wonder the offerings looked so weird. :P

On the journey back to Ao Nang

Apart from the lunch, overall I was pretty satisfied with the whole trip. Anyone who is going to Krabi must include at least one island hopping activity in his itinerary.

When we reached Ao Nang, the same truck was already waiting for us to send us back to hotel. We had a few hours of sleep before going out again for dinner.

Enjoying my road side coconut juice, it was so cheap. :)

Yesterday we went to the small eatery opposite our hotel for dinner. The decor, furniture was so plain, but the food was so cheap and good. The fish dish only cost SGD 8, other big restaurants were selling at SGD 16. That's why we came back again for more.

Fried fish with garlic and pepper. Check out the size!!

Stir fried vegetables

This meal only cost us about SGD 16. I promised the boss we would come back again for the third time.


Anonymous said...

how much did you pay for that island hopping package?

Irene said...

it was about SGD 30 per person by speedboat + lunch.

b2b said...

hey how long does the island hopping tour takes?

Irene said...

about half a day.

[-suziey-] said...

Hi Irene,

I am malaysian and plan to go for holiday @ Krabi ths coming july. appreciate if you can provide me contact number for the island hoping package. thanks :)

Wee Heng said...

Irene, Wee Heng (Ex-SingPost here).

I didn't know you blog!

I just started blogging again from beginning this year. :)