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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Paris (France) - Bangkok (Thailand) - Singapore

It was time to go back to Singapore!! When I first arrived in Paris, I felt so excited that I still had two and a half month to go and I kept my fingers crossed that it will be extended. :P But it wasn't, so we only had a few days left to pack after our UK trip.

I had a mixed feeling, Paris life was so good, the weather was great, I loved the daily marketing and cooking activities and I felt we were eating healthier food, no MSG, low salt, low fat and almost everyday we had a home made soup. But I also missed Singapore, especially for its cheap sushi, my routine facial and massage.

When we were about to leave, I went around the house for the last time to say goodbye. It was one of my saddest moment. Finally, we locked the apartment and brought with us 4 big suitcases to the cab waiting outside the building.

On the way to the airport, the cab passed the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. Ahhh, at least I could see them again for the last time.

Our flight to Bangkok was full, including the business class section. So it was confirmed that I would be sitting in the economy. :( After we got our boarding pass, we proceed to claim for tax refund. This time there wasn't any queue at all, not like the last time where we had to wait for so long. Since we came quite early, we went to the business lounge and waited until it was time to depart.

Paris business lounge was quite small and not as stylish as Bangkok's lounge. They served some refreshments and all kinds of beverages including wine and liquor. I didn't remember much about the refreshments because I was only interested in their Valrhona chocolates hehehehe...

Finally it was time to board the plane. The legroom was quite spacious, at least 50% more spacious than normal. I suspected it was premium economy class but I wasn't sure. But there wasn't any TV in front of my seat, and the big TV was spoilt!! Anyway, if I were to choose, the legroom was much more precious than the entertainment.

Arrived in Bangkok the next day, we went to its lounge and I saw a massage and spa room. Wow, free massage for the passengers!! This was the best complimentary service I ever knew. Too bad we only had one hour transit time.

For the flight from Bangkok to Singapore, hubby gave his boarding pass to me. This time the plane was new and the skybed looked so big. I had TV in front of my seat and another personal TV that I could take out from the skybed. What a luxury!! The food was wasted because I was too tired to enjoy the meal, I only had a few bite and continued to sleep.

And then, one of our luggage didn't arrived in Singapore!! Luckily we had already anticipated that it would happen so we split everything in all of them. At least we could still survive for a few days. The lost luggage was arrived safely a few days later and delivered to our house.

By the way, our holiday ain't over yet... ;)

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