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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 3: Taipei

Ziga Zaga, Hyatt
Another nice place for a meal. :)

Penne arrabiata with dried tomates and black olive

Salami pizza with goat cheese and bell pepper

Wu Fen Pu
This place is a wholesale clothing market, occupies at least four blocks of streets and has hundreds of shops to offer. This is really a shopping haven with clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories at wholesale price. I guess this is where the locals shop to get the latest fashion. Not only cater for ladies, guys, aunties, uncles, kids, and babies should be able to get something from here. I was here the whole day and only finished browsing half of it. Too bad it was winter season now, if not I would be on my shopping spree. But I still almost spent all my cash that day. :P As cheap as Bangkok but with better quality, Taipei is definitely my latest shopping destination.

Lelong lelong..

With a heavy heart, I went back to hotel and meet him for dinner. We took a cab to Du Xiao Yue, recommended by a friend. At first I thought it was a coffee shop, but it turned out to be a restaurant with a nice decor. We ordered two bowls of noodle and grilled fish. The noodle was yummy but the portion was too small, so we ordered another two bowls. The grilled fish wasn't as good.

Du Xiao Yue since 1895

Traditional road side noodle

Grilled fish

4 bowls of noodle? No problem.. :)

This is how they prepared the noodle.

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