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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4: Taipei

Irodori, Hyatt
We had a Japanese buffet for lunch, some of its offering were sushi, sashimi, shisamo fish, all kinds of tempura, cold crab and prawn, grilled rice cake, pancake, shabu shabu, teppanyaki, some exotic fruits like passionfruit, and desserts including Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Too bad, I couldn't eat that much. :P

Xi Men Ding
After lunch, I continued my shopping at Xi Men Ding. Bought a few scarves and gloves, the scarf was like SGD 10 and gloves was SGD 5. I should shop at Taipei first before going to Paris last year hehehe...

Xi Men Ding

Zhong Xiao Dong Lu
Next, I went to the main shopping street of Taipei which was Zhong Xiao Dong Lu. Wu Fen Pu really spoilt the market, now everything I saw was expensive hehehe... But I was so lucky to met this auntie selling necklaces with a mobile stall at one of the small streets. The necklace was about SGD 4 each, this was even cheaper than those in Wu Fen Pu. This kind of mobile stall was illegal, they need to run and hide if the police arrive in the vicinity. I bought three from her and asked her whether there will be a new stock tomorrow. :P Never in my life to buy things from a roadside vendor and illegal one some more. It was just like in Hong Kong drama. What a shopping adventure :)

Raohe St Night Market
Our dinner was at this night market. Not as much offering as Shi Lin night market, the famous food here was the medicinal pork rib soup.

A temple nearby

Medicinal pork rib, the soup was tasty.

With mince pork rice

The long queue attracted me to this Hu Jiao Bing. It was also quite interesting to see the process of making the bun.

The queue

Hu Jiao Bing

After came out from the oven.

The buns were actually cooked underneath the cover, they were stuck on the side of the oven walls and burned for a few minutes.

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