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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Day 1-2: Singapore - Seoul (South Korea)

Yes, Seoul again. My dream really comes true. :D

My wish on the last trip. :P

Krisflyer Lounge at Changi Airport
The best airport lounge that I visited so far. The variety of food is like a buffet spread. We had our dinner here at 9pm. Hungry...

Dining area


Second helping :P

Lotus root soup

Mini cakes, I like the coffee best.

Papaya and white fungus dessert. Err... is this a restaurant?

Usually what we have from other lounge is just sandwiches and some easy to prepare food. Nothing as extensive as this.

Some spare time for facebooking.

Old posts on Krisflyer lounge at Terminal 2, Terminal 3 (1) and Terminal 3 (2)

Too bad, the airplane to Seoul was an old Boeing model. After experiencing the newer range, this really felt like economy. Spoilt! :P

The not so good business class. Does it look like economy??

Arrived Incheon Airport in the early morning, then took the airport limousine to the service apartment.

The trees along the highway didn't look as nice as those I first saw in spring time. The leaves colour has changed from light to dark green in summer. Now I understand why Singapore trees never look as pretty as those in four season countries. I keep asking myself why our Government do not plant the nicer looking trees hehehe...

Fraser Suites Insadong
I really love their apartment. SO happy to be back here. We had the two bedroom apartment on our previous visit, but this time it's only a one bedroom apartment. :( Gone are the balcony, high floor view, spare room to extend our wardrobe, LCD TV hehehe.. But it is still great!

Living room

Kitchen area

Bigger hamper this time, they also provide a cartoon of milk and orange juice in the fridge.


Shower room

Old fashioned bathtub

At first I thought this bath tub was smaller than the square one. But it was indeed bigger! It's wider and deeper, love it!

We slept until noon before going out for lunch nearby. We had sushi and galbitang (beef rib soup).

First time trying cheese sushi, but I like the bulgogi one best.


At night, we went back to our favourite restaurant for daeji galbi (marinated pork rib).

Daeji galbi

This looks familiar. :)

Plus spicy soybean paste soup (doenjang jjigae)

Korean food is wonderful!


Linda said...

Hi, just saw ur photo tat u have taken, u r really good at it. Especially the flowers, so nice. Can i check with u which brand of camera u using? Thks!

Irene said...

I still have a lot to learn. :) Currently using Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3. Thanks!

Irene said...
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stkjulie said...

Hi Irene, Came across your blog accidentally while surfing for Mt Sorak. You are a 'terror'. You have been to so many places and is unselfishly sharing your experiences with us. Thank you so much. You are a terrific photographer and a terrific travel guide. With your permission I would like to put you on favorite. I will look to you for guidance when I visit Seoul and other countries. Please continue to keep us posted whereever you go. God Bless You.

Irene said...

Thanks for the encouragement. :)