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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day 5: Seoul (Tapgol Park)

Naengmyon (cold noodles) is a very popular dish during summer. Originated from North Korea, there are mainly two types: the spicy and non spicy naengmyon. We were going to try the latter.


A fully packed restaurant during lunch time.

Mul naengmyon (cold buckwheat noodles in beef broth)

The first slurp didn't feel good hehhe... the soup tasted funny, it was sourish. Noodle was so so, the only thing I like from this was the pear slices. :P

I love this type of kimchi

Huge steam dumplings

See how much meat inside.

I didn't like this either, it had too much meat. Still prefer the Chinese steam dumplings after all.

This wasn't tea, but soup in a cup. Quite nice actually.

After lunch, he went to office and I continued the walk around our neighborhood.

Tapgol Park
This park is just around the corner from where we stay. When I first came in, I saw many senior citizens here relaxing and chatting with friends. And then I realized that there were no ladies in this park. I was the odd one here, and I felt their eyes following me everywhere especially when I took pictures of the flowers. :P

Relaxing in the park.

A pavillion

It is a very small park but what makes me excited is to capture new kind of flowers that I haven't seen on the last trip.

White lotus

The upside down flower


Lionel Messi said...

Thank you
The subject of more than wonderful

rara said...

oh Mul naengmyon is my favourite - mashita!!

rara said...

Mul naengmyon is my favourite - mashita!!!