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Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 7: Seoul (E-Mart and Costco)

Took the Fraser shuttle bus again for shopping. Friday is for E-Mart and Costco. I went to both because their buildings are just opposite to each other.

This E-Mart is located in the south of Seoul, pretty far from where we stay. With traffic jam, it took us 40 minutes to reach there.

E-Mart is quite similar to Lotte Mart in terms of products and price. But comparing this two, I prefer Lotte Mart because the aisle signs are in English! Take note E-Mart. :D

Fresh produce section

Is this abalone? Why it is only ~9,000 won?

Alaskan crab


Side dishes

Dakgalbi (chicken galbi). Bought this for tonight's dinner. :)

Premium beef, the price is per 100 gr.

From these two trips to supermarket, I realized that meats are pretty expensive in Korea. So my first observation is wrong, home cooking in Singapore is still much cheaper than in Seoul. But comparing eating out in Seoul to a home cook meal, the latter is still cheaper.

Costco is an American wholesale supermarket that only open for members. Each member can bring in two guests to shop here. That's why I could go in because I tagged along with another residence. :) To become a member, one must pay 30,000 won.

This is a warehouse!

Have you seen Elizabeth Arden in such a cheap packaging?

Everything in Costco screams BIG. This kind of supermarket is only suitable for people who are in food business, have a big family or an obese person. :P

Huge beef ribs

Huge size of fish fillet

Live flat fish

All these are muffins, the size is huge too!

Pretty cakes, I think it's at least 3 kg.

Almost 1 kg of cheese balls, sure way of getting fat!

It is so easy to cook dakgalbi, and the taste is quite similar to what we had in a restaurant. :)

Dakgalbi (chicken galbi)

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