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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 8: Seoul (Seoul Forest)

Seoul Forest
I really love to visit the parks here, a great place for photography.

Spotted these flowers at the parking lot. They were so lovely.

Greeted by a line up of apple trees from the park entrance.

After studying the map, we realized it would take hours to visit the whole park so we hired a tandem bike for an hour.

6,000 won for an hour.

It was great cycling around the park. We could stop anywhere, took pictures and then off to next destination.

Picnic by the park

This looks like fun!

Queuing with these kids? Noooo....

Along the cycling path.

Deer Park

Feeding the deer.

Formosan deer

The deer was whining everytime it missed the leaves. :P

Gallery Garden
I spent most of the time here. :)

Vegetables garden
I'm a city girl, never see these before. :P

Winter melon




Insect garden
Quite pathetic, but had many cactus here.

Wetlands area

Another picnic area near the wetlands.

We only stretched out our arms and they would all come. :P

Went back home and had dinner nearby.

This is quite nice, sweet and chewy like cuttlefish.

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