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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 15: Seoul (A leisure weekend)

We found this popular eating place on our last visit but did not try it out. The place is quite well hidden, if it's not for the long snaking queue, we will never know there is a restaurant in this narrow alley.

The queue

Not sure whether this is the restaurant name or the instructions: eat, rest a while, give your money and out!

This place is very simple and they try to maximise the space by settings up the table very near to each other. It doesn't help that the table is quite small too. Once I sat down, I couldn't move anymore.

We didn't know what to order, so while queuing we asked a couple behind us to order for us.

Can anyone translate this for me? :)

This isn't as spicy as it looks. It has mussels, tofu, rice cake, vegetables, noodles, and the white color one is cheese!

Hubby likes it very much, but I prefer the one we had at Nolboo. Here, the soup was too sweet. But it was pretty cheap, only 7,000 won for this whole pot.

After lunch, we just walked and walked until Bukchandong area.

This area is well known for the hanok (traditional house). Not like those in Namsangol, these are real residential houses.

A hanok

Children playing outside hanoks

The area is quite hilly so the hanoks here will have pretty nice view. I was wondering whether this is an expensive residential area.

An open air cafe on top of the hill.

The view up here.

After exploring the surroundings, we walked back home by another route. Art galleries are mushrooming in Seoul. From what I saw in these two areas plus Insadong, it easily reached hundreds.

Outside an art gallery.

The art gallery store front.

At night, we went to Gwancheoldong for dinner again.

Still raw

After it's half cooked.

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