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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 3: Seoul (Namsangol, Lotte World, Olympic Park, Seoul Tower)

After sleeping for almost 12 hours, we woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Namsangol Traditional Village
This place is just behind our hotel, a great place to explore if you want to know more about the daily life of Koreans in the olden days. The best part is it's free admission. :)

Gate entrance

Ceiling decoration of the gate

Demonstration of straw shoes making

The ready made shoes

Straw wrapper for eggs


A traditional musical instrument

These charms are so pretty, but they are way too big and heavy to carry all day long.

Traditional houses (hanok)

Table settings

Jars to keep kimchi and soybean paste

Pond in the middle of the village

They've already had the swings in the olden days.

The Koreans like to "V" when taking photos, he's the one who "V" first and I followed. :P

We could try the traditional dress (hanbok) for KRW 1,000 (SGD 1.2) per person. This was way too cheap that I couldn't believe it. It was so fun, do we look like a Korean couple?

Later, lunch at a small eatery nearby.

Always ask for English menu.

That's my dumpling ramen. It was yummy, just like the instant noodle. :D

He ordered rice cake and dumpling soup.

Lotte World
We came not because of the theme park, but looking for cherry blossoms based on the information I had. But we didn't find any.

Lotte Castle


Olympic Park
Seoul hosted the 1988 Olympic Games, it had become a family park for years now.

World Peace Gate

World Peace Flame

Traditional masks lining up on both sides of the gate.

The locals seem to enjoy outdoor activities a lot. With this kind of weather, I bet I will.

I couldn't resist of taking pictures of all the flowers I saw. :)

Seoul Tower at Mount Namsan
Went back to our hotel, rested for awhile and took the bus from the bus stop in front of our hotel to Mount Namsan. It is possible to go there by foot, but we prefer to preserve our energy.

View of the city from Mount Namsan

Seoul Tower

This is not a vandalism...

Could you find the very big lock with heart shape?

Love the performance by the Christian youths. They could dance really well.

Teddy Bear Museum shop is here, the museum itself is located in Jeju Island.

Seoul at night

Pavilion next to Seoul Tower

We had our dinner nearby our hotel. We were getting to love Korean foods, they always look so appetizing and healthy too.

Many side dishes

My bibimbap with fish roe

His beef soup (bulgogi ddukbaegi) was excellent, the soup tasted so heavenly.


cisee said...

Do you like korea?

I'm korean.

I saw that traveling photo of you .

You looks like happy.

Also, I have been to singapore.
in december, 2006

Singapore is top from in the place which I visits.

I hope that your blog friend.


Irene said...

Annyong Haseo,
I enjoyed myself a lot in Korea. Nice to meet you too. :)

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures of Seoul! I'd like to travel there as well!