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Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 11: Seoul (Gasan Digital Complex)

Time to continue shopping! From this day onwards, I would be going out by myself because my shopping partner had returned to Singapore.

Gasan Digital Complex
The name sounded like a place for electronic products, but it was completely misleading. This area had 5 fashion malls and had the most concentration of outlets in Seoul.

What is so good about the shopping here is the availability of changing room. The price range isn't as low as in the small shops, but at least I could try the clothes on. And besides, the brands are more established ones, so quality wise it's better. And as a tourist, I could claim for tax refunds too.

Mario Outlets
They have three buildings just next to each other.

Mario I

Mario II

Mario III

Some of the brands

I would forget about eating when I was excited, this lunch was at 3pm.

Tonkatsu at Mario food court

Didn't have much luck at Mario, only bought a t-shirt for hubby. After I finished them all, I found out there was another mall nearby.


Personally I think W-Mall is much nicer than Mario, I bought a couple of tops for myself in less than two hours and also claimed for the tax refund. It was already quite late when I started to browse here, so I would be coming back again tomorrow.

Went back home just in time for dinner. We went to that restaurant where we we had pork ssambob last week, but this time we ordered the beef ssambob.

Between the two, I still prefer the pork.

The poster in front of the restaurant

Bulgogi ssambap

The side dishes were pretty much the same, but this time they had ikan bilis.

Spicy soy bean paste soup (doenjang jjigae)

Fresh leaves to wrap the beef

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