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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 7: Seoul (City Hall, Namdaemun Market)

City Hall
Before we departed for Seoul, we had already planned to join the JSA (Panmunjeom) tour to visit the South-North border. From the information I got from the internet, Indonesian passport holder needs to submit the photocopy of passport 7 days in advance. So that's the reason I was in City Hall, to make a booking and submit his passport for this tour.

Once I came up from the City Hall station, I was greeted by this fountain.

Statue of a man with the golden egg

The colors gradient from deep purple to white, simply breathtaking.

Close up view.

See the pollen, it was so beautiful!

Deoksugung Palace
Not intending to visit this palace, I only took pictures of the entrance gate.

Deoksugung Palace entrance

Intricate paint of the roof.

Lotte Hotel
The lobby was so grand, even the lift looked expensive.

Ceiling of Lotte Hotel lift

Cafe at the lobby

The travel agency was located on the 6th floor of Lotte Hotel. Actually there were many of them, and they were selling the same tour at the same price. I made my bookings with one and submitted our passports. Done.

Lotte Duty Free
Next to Lotte Hotel is Lotte Department Store. I wasn't interested in branded goods and left after barely 10 minutes in there.

Lotte Department Store

The interior

Namdaemun Market
This was definitely more interesting hahaha...

See the crowd.

I bought one from here.

The accessories, not as nice as those we bought in Myeongdong.

Fake bags

Pots and pans

Seaweed, ginseng, and other local products

The description says it all.

Flags of the world

Samick Fashion Town
My mom will love this place, the building has about 7 floors of her kind of clothing and accessories, each floor has about 100 tenants. Bought a few tops for her, and quickly went out of here.

One of the auntie sellers tried to cheat me, maybe she thought I was an easy target. I may look innocent, but my bargaining skills couldn't be ignored. :P

Actually to think of it, the whole Namdaemun market is an auntie's heaven.

Samick Fashion Town

Aunties clothing

Next, I had tteokbokki for lunch. This street snack is widely available everywhere. I didn't like it at all, spicy and tasteless.


The plate is covered with plastics for easy cleaning.

Rest for a while.

Next, I went to another building which specialize in accessories. Oh my God, those glitters really blinded my eyes.

I tried to buy some, but the seller told me that he only sells in large quantities. Tried my luck a few times with other sellers, but still didn't succeed. :(

Wholesale accessories

The shop name

The queue

The price list

The production floor

It's all for the meat bun!

This shop was located near the Namdaemun gate, when I first came I saw many people queuing and a few hours later, the queue was still on.

I bought a few to try, it wasn't that fantastic. The Taiwanese or Cantonese buns are much better.

Later, we had dinner at Insadong again. Don't worry, Insadong had so many restaurants, even if we had dinner everyday here, we couldn't finish trying them all.

An alley full of restaurants

Spotted a weird looking flower.

The restaurant

We ordered a Korean Beef Mix set, this was our first BBQ meal.

The menu was misleading, they didn't give us any mushrooms.

Here's our beef.

The white lump at the end was fats. It was used to oil as well as clean the grill after use. :D

Eat it with fresh leaves.

Taste great with onion too.

Add some salt or chili.

Spicy salad, it's yummy.

Kimchi as side dish.

After dinner, we walked around Insadong for a while to enjoy the atmosphere.

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