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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 12: Seoul (Gasan Digital Complex, Ewha Women University)

Today I continued where I left yesterday, completed W-Mall but didn't buy any more stuff from here.

Fashion Island
It rocks!! Bought a few tops for myself and also a jacket for him. This jacket is the best thing that I ever buy in life hahaha... It was a damn functional one, dark grey in colour, came in two-piece which could be worn in three ways (inner only, outer only, or both). It also came with a hood and had a lot of pockets and secret compartments inside. When I asked the sales girl about the price, I got a shock and had to ask her a few times to make sure that I heard it correctly. The price was so unbelievable that I think it was as good as free! After that, it never left my hands until I paid because I knew there's another shopper eyeing it and that was the last piece.

Fashion Island

I was too engrossed in shopping that I only had this for lunch. :P

My lunch at KRW 500 (SGD 0.60) :P

Then, I took the subway to Ewha Women University to continue where I left off last week.

View from the subway journey

Ewha Women University
I found nicer shops as I got nearer to the university as compared to those that I went last week. The clothes were more unique and very Korean. Korean clothes are either very feminine, cute or glamorous.

The small shops were so many that I would need to come back again tomorrow for the third time.

Burger King
After almost two weeks of Korean food, we went to Burger King for dinner. :) I tried out their bulgogi burger, it was pretty good. Wanted to take pictures but hubby said all burgers look the same. :P

After dinner, we bought a slice of cuttlefish from the roadside. Yummy...

That's our cuttlefish, it was only KRW 1,000 (SGD 1.20)

I asked him to try the jacket when we were back in the apartment. He was quite happy that it fitted quite nicely. What made him happier was he got it without making effort to browse through all the shops. Yeah, you are right!

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