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Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 1: Singapore - Macau

Around Macau

Housing blocks

European style building

A school

Senado Square
The square is the center of Macau. There are lots of shops and restaurants along the cobblestone path that leads to the Ruin of St Paul church.

Leal Senado (Loyal Senate) building

St. Dominic church

Along the way leading to St. Paul church, there are many shops selling almond cookies, peanut candies, and even bak kwa. It was more tender than the Singapore version.

Ruin of St. Paul church
The church was caught on fire a few hundred years ago, only the front facade that remained standing. It is definitely the most famous landmark of Macau.

Another colonial style building in the area.

Lisboa Casinos

Grand Lisboa - just opened few weeks ago

The old Lisboa casino and Lisboa Hotel.

Wynn Casino
I love Wynn casino!! It is classier than Grand Lisboa and Sands. The musical fountain is a smaller version of the one I saw at Bellagio in Las Vegas but they have the same concept. When I was in Las Vegas, I watched the musical fountain for two hours. But the frequency here is not so often, it only runs every 15 minutes which means the waiting time is more than the show time.

Other than the musical fountain, the interior, the chandeliers, and everything are tastefully decorated. Well done!

The musical fountain

Macau Tower

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