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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 89: Seoul (Great indian food)

I've never been to an Indian restaurant except when I was in Bangalore. Before then, the Indian food that I'm familiar with was roti prata. But according to the Indian from India, roti prata doesn't come from India but is invented by the Singaporean Indian hehehe...

Hubby isn't really into Indian food, so when we were at Myeongdong and my friend suggested that we went to an Indian restaurant, I couldn't be happier.

Om Dristi Nepalese and Indian Cuisine

Nice ambience

Love the interior

Two types of set lunch, it's either mutton curry or chicken masala at 7,800 won. All of us ordered the chicken masala.

The food was great and wasn't very spicy. Surely one day I would drag hubby here. :)

I wasn't sure what these were, it came pretty late when we almost finished our food. I only like the green sauce.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 88: Seoul (Grilled fish)

Lunch with friends at an Insadong restaurant behind the Ssamziegil. This restaurant could be reached from the small alley next to a pharmacy.

We ordered the first three to share.

The side dishes are pretty good.

Cutlass fish is the best among the three, but the size is quite small.

Mackerel comes second, and we didn't finish the last one.

Would definitely come again and try the fourth fish (yellow corvine).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 84: Seoul (Live octopus)

I had the live octopus for the first time at Incheon. After that, I told myself that I will try it again soon. I immediately said "Yes" when one day a friend asked me along.

We went to an eating place specialized in octopus at Gwancheoldong and ordered half the portion at 15,000 won. It was too much for two persons and we couldn't finish it.

San nak ji (live octopus)

Watch me eating san nak ji, there's nothing to fear at all :D

Compared to the one at Incheon, it didn't feel as great as the first time. Of course they were fresh since they were still moving, maybe it was not chill enough.

Our side dishes

We ordered a bowl of doenjang jjigae too.

Soybean paste soup (doenjang jjigae)

This side dish was pretty nice, I don't know what it is but it doesn't taste anything like noodle or pasta.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 83: Seoul (Shabu shabu and two two chicken)

It's the first time I had lunch with my friends/neighbours at Fraser. At first we wanted to go to the grill fish restaurant but the fish were out of stock. How could it be??? So after walking around in Myeongdong, we finally went in to a shabu shabu place.

We ordered beef and mushroom shabu, and added some fishball and shrimp dumplings (they called it shrimp buns).

Beansprout pyramid :)

Beef and noodles

Various types of mushroom.

Fishball sticks

Put everything in.

The soup base is quite nice, we even ask for extra soup hehe... It is a nice change if you don't feel like eating the typical spicy or grilled Korean food. Now I discover another 'plain food' alternatives. :)

For dinner, I bought some fried chicken from two two chicken. This shop is just next to our apartment but I never try it until now. Actually I tried to go there a few times during lunch time but they are always closed. I thought they are closing the shop, but actually they only open during the night. I also notice that this kind of fried chicken shop is always a beer joint too, it's a question mark to me why they always ends up together.

two two chicken comes in two flavours: original and sweet and spicy. The chicken is sold in set and not per piece. One set is 15,000 won, half a set is 8,500 won and a mixed set is 16,000 won.

15,000 won for 5 pieces of chicken. They also give pickles, a small can of Pepsi, and sweet chili sauce.

Original flavour

The fried chicken is very very crispy and not oily. The pickles are nice too. We couldn't finish it so I keep it for the next day. And it's still good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 80: Seoul (Look at the side dishes)

This place has a very nice decor, really cosy and looks quite upscale but thankfully not the price. Yeah :)

Nice decor

The opposite one has nice decor too. I should go there too one day. :)

You know it's one of the better restaurants by looking at the side dishes.

The side dishes are slightly different from what we usually have. Even hubby loves the kimchi which he usually doesn't eat.

Seaweed with sesame seeds. I love to eat this with rice.

Raw blue swimmers crab! albeit a very small one :P

This is the first time I ordered a kimchi jjigae. It's sooooo spicy but very nice.

My kimchi jjigae

Not for the ddukbaegi bulgogi, he said it's just alright.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 79: Seoul (Too much good food in one day)

I wasn't really into unagi (grilled eel) when I was in Singapore. I usually don't touch them when hubby ordered it in a Japanese restaurant. In Seoul, I bought some unagi before from Lotte Mart and it wasn't good at all. So when he suggested we go to an eating place specialized in unagi I wasn't really interested. We had been postponing it for so long, the reason we finally visited this place is because we had set a new rule to try one new eating place/food every week. :)

It is located near Nagwon Arcade in Insadong. Direction: From Jongno 3(sam)-ga exit 5 walk towards Nagwon Arcade. Before you reach the arcade, turn right when you see a very small alley.

The store front

Live eels, check out the poster of their TV appearance.

The menu

We ordered the first one, 2 medium size eels at 16,000 won.

Side dishes

Here's their specialized side dish, deep fried eel spine.

They are delicious, we asked for an extra portion. :D

Finally our food came, it was love at first sight hahaha... :)

Don't they look yummy?

Another close up look, I hope you are not salivating. :P

Those unagi are damn good, probably it's because the fish is very fresh or the sauce. The sauce is not just sweet, it had a tinge of spiciness as well.

An extra sauce to dip in.

We will be coming back soon. :)

For dinner, we went to a place famous for its BBQ ribs. We had checked out this place earlier and it was always crowded, so we decided to give it a go.

The restaurant is located near Jonggak subway exit 3, on a small alley near Pizza Hut. It is really difficult to explain the direction in details because there were so many small alleys in this area. :P

The store front

Dried mackerel and chillies as decoration.

We ordered the BBQ ribs for two at 18,000 won. (I believe it's the first 9,000 won from the left)

First time I saw the salad dressing in pink!

Our dipping sauce

Spicy soybean paste soup as a side dish.

10 ribs for two of us.

Cut them into smaller pieces.

The ribs were good but not great, comparing it to our favourite BBQ pork place we still prefer the latter. Actually the sauce was nice, a bit spicy and tastes different from the usual western style ribs. The only problem was the meat was a bit hard.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 78: Seoul (Seoul Grand Park)

As the name suggests, Seoul Grand Park is really big. It has a full scale zoo, theme park, rose garden and children's zoo. The not so good part is none of them is free hehehe...

Park entrance

Water fountain


Since we figured out that it would be very far to walk one whole round, we took the tram car.

The sky lift

Seoul Land theme park

The ride didn't last very long, in less than 10 minutes we were back to where we started as most area is only accessible for those who have the tickets hehehe...

This park isn't made for a leisure walk, you only come here if you want to visit the zoo or the theme park.

By the way, saw this on our way to the park. :)

Drying chillies the Korean way