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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 72: Seoul (Insadong)

I had been posting so much about Insadong, here is one more. :)

This dance troupe played music and danced on the street, not sure what it is all about.

We had lunch at Sinpo Woori Mandoo, its interior is modern like a fast food restaurant. I had a feeling this is some kind of a Korean franchise. I had lunch here few weeks ago and didn't like it. After giving them a second chance, I won't be coming here anymore. Their food wasn't as good as those family run restaurants.

This handmade noodle soup plus dumplings was a bit like Singapore's ban mian. It was just ok, nothing to shout about.

Knife cut (handmade) noodles and pork dumplings (mandoo kalgooksoo)

My prawn dumplings were bad, I preferred his pork dumplings.

Prawn dumplings

At night, we had bossam and fried mackerel for dinner. On our last visit we ordered jokbal and bossam.

Bossam, fried mackerel and side dishes

After second try, we fell in love with bossam and this would fast become our favourites too. This was the only food we like that wasn't heaty or spicy. Sometimes you just want to have something plain for a change. :)

The unfermented kimchi (got chorri) was good, it wasn't sour and felt so refreshing. Hubby usually doesn't take kimchi but he could finish this.

As for the mackerel, it was just so so. I guess next time we would order bossam and something else.

At 12,000 won (SGD 14) for all these, this was a hearty meal indeed. :)

Look at his tummy. :P


ZellyJhaze said...

Hi Irene! Will be in Seoul in a few days and I'm so excited I can barely sleep :) I'm in the process of packing my stuff and I'm in a dilemma on what jacket to bring. How's the weather lately? Seeing that you can still wear shorts, I suppose it's not that cold yet?

I come from a tropical country--Phils.-- but I don't really get cold easily. Actually, I welcome cold weather :) Do you think a light sweater would do for the evenings?

One last question please...what's the best way to get to the hotel? We're planning on taking the airport bus that stops at jongno 2 ga, but seeing that it's about a 500 meter walk, I'm a bit apprehensive dragging our luggage all the way, not to mention taking the stairs to cross over to the other side of the road. What would be the most convenient yet economical way?

Thanks in advance! And also for posting your experiences in Seoul. We'll be retracing the steps you took in the places you featured here. You've saved me from buying a Seoul guidebook. Thanks!!!

Irene said...

Hi Zelly,
The weather is cooling which we welcome it so much. It's autumn breeze :)

It isn't that cold, I guess a light jacket should be enough. I usually go out wearing short pants and top only, and still do so at night. :)

At the airport, there's a counter to buy airport bus tickets. You just tell her that you want to go to Koreana Hotel. From here, we usually take a cab to Fraser which cost about 3 to 4,000 won.

Happy packing :)

Irene said...

According to my hubby, the one that goes to Koreana cost 14,000 won. So this might not be the most economical way. Maybe you just take the one that stops at Jongno 2 ga and take a cab to Fraser if you don't want to walk. Actually it isn't very far and there's no stairs involved.

He also said that Fraser can reimburse the cab fare anywhere in Seoul when you first come. You might want to double check with Fraser again. So remember to keep the receipt.

ZellyJhaze said...

Hi Irene! Thank you so much for your help, and the hubby too :) Will take your advice.

By the way, we suddently decided to go to the DMZ after reading your feature on it. How did you go about booking a tour? How much did it cost, and by any chance, would you still have the contact details of the tour operator?

Thanks again!

Irene said...

Here's the website: