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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 50: Seoul (New Korean foods!)

We met his colleagues on our way to lunch last weekend. So he brought us to this place for some pork dishes that we never tried before. Yay, I'm always on for something new. :D

Side dishes

The bean paste soup is nice.

Here's our main dish, shared by 4 persons. It's too much and we couldn't finish.

This is called jokbal, glazed pork legs. Hopefully the name is correct, because I got it from google.


The steam one is called bossam, which is eaten with leaves and kimchi.


Here's how you eat it.

This dish is just average, and between the two, we prefer bossam.

After lunch, we went for a Korean movie at Korea Cultural Center near City Hall. I found out that they have free movie screenings a few times a week when I went there to register for the Korean Language Class. Yay, I'm going for my first class next month. I think it should be fun to learn and make some friends with people around the world. :) I registered for hangul class, which is to learn the Korean alphabet. It's once a week for a month, and if I pass the test at the end of the month, I could continue to the next level. And if I continue doing this, I could be in Advanced class in less than a year. I just hope that I could stay that long. :)

And you know what, the language class is free too. Unbelievable! The Korean Government really do a great job in promoting their culture. Two thumbs up!

Back to the movie, too bad it wasn't nice. Hubby asked me why Korean movie always show the girl bullying the guy? I told him maybe they want to portray that Korean guys are kind and sensitive hahaha...

The movie "Nowhere to Turn"

Then, we went to our favourite galbi place at Gwancheoldong for dinner. It was fully packed.

Nakji dakgalbi (pan fried octopus and chicken)

Got one big octopus!

We always see many people ordering a fried rice with galbi. This is our first time trying it.

Plain rice with seaweed, it will be cooked later on the same pan.

Bokkeumbap (fried rice) and galbi.

Wow, the fried rice is absolutely fantastic. The rice is so flavourful after mixing it with the galbi sauce, and I love the seaweed taste too. It's the best fried rice I ever had! You bet that we will always order this from now on. :)

Walked back to Insadong after dinner, I never knew that there is a Starbucks here. From what I searched from the internet, apparently it's the only Starbucks in Korea that use a Korean name so that they blend in to the community. Insadong is a historical area after all.

If not for the logo, I won't know that this is Starbucks.

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