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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Day 34: Seoul (Beef rib soup - galbitang)

Forgot to bring my camera, these were taken using blackberry.

Galbitang, comes with two huge beef ribs with some red dates, ginseng and vermicelli

Took out the rice from this stone bowl, left the hard ones at the bottom.

Tea in a jug

Pour the tea to this bowl, and leave it there.

After a while, the rice would be soft and you could eat this too. But too bad, it was yucky! I didn't like the burnt taste of the rice hehehe...

I couldn't finish the galbitang, there were so much meat inside, could have just shared one bowl.

Overall this dish was just average, soup was ok but the meat wasn't good enough. I had expected it to be melt in my mouth but it wasn't.

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