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Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 38: Busan - Seoul

Greeted by a great view of Busan from our room when we woke up in the morning. :)

Our first stop was the UN Memorial Cemetery. I did like to visit strange places for sightseeing. ;)

UN monument on the roundabout.

Well trimmed trees

The reason I came was because of these trees. It looks good on the photos I saw, but mine wasn't very nice somehow. :(

Burial plot

UN Forces Monument

From here we had a very long walk to the subway, it was at least 30 minutes under the sweltering heat. I hate summer!!!

Nampo dong
This is the main shopping street of Busan, but it was so quiet. Strange.

Nampo dong, the shopping district of Busan.

We went up on the escalator to Yongdusan Park. Thank God they installed an escalator here.

Literally translated from the Chinese characters, Dragon Head Mountain Park.

The view from up here.

This is the way to capture flying doves. :P

Jagalchi Market
The fish market is also in the same area. After visiting so many fish markets, I wasn't that excited anymore.

A very quiet market.

Looks familiar? I just knew that this is called sea penis :P

View from the market

Went up to the roof terrace, the view from here is better than from Yongdusan Park.

PIFF Square
This is just one block away from the shops.

Busan Walk of Fame

This one belongs to Zhang Yi Mou, a famous director from China.

Actually I didn't plan to go to Nampo dong area, the reason I was here eventually was because of the fridge magnet. I had seen it yesterday at Nurimaru APEC House but didn't buy it, now I regret because I couldn't find anything here.

From here we took a bus to Taejongdae, which was a half an hour ride from Jagalchi Market.

Cute dog

This is a very big park that would take hours to walk. There isn't any bike rental and the only transportation inside the park is the train. So we went to catch it and disappointed when we saw the queue. It was about 3 layers of people and we stayed for a while to estimate how fast the crowd will move. We figured out we would only get on to it an hour later, so we decided to leave because we didn't have much time left. Our train back to Seoul was at 7pm. This Danubi train only runs every 20 min, they should increase the train frequency since it's a peak season.

If there's a chance to Busan again, I'll definitely come back for Taejongdae. I think this park worth a visit.

Next we went back to Nurimaru APEC House again to get the fridge magnet. But I forgot to check the opening hours, hubby suddenly remembered and asked me about it when we were almost there. It was already closed when we reached there and because of this we missed our 7pm train too. Crap!!

Luckily we used a Korean Pass to travel, so we could just exchange it for a later train at the counter. If we bought the normal tickets, I don't think they would give us a refund.

It was a really a bad day for us, and the heat was intolerable. You bet I wouldn't do anymore travelling until summer is over!!

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