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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 52: Seoul (Kraze burgers)

I met him at Myeongdong for lunch, he told me that there's a local burger joint that is worth to try.

Kraze Burgers

Wall decoration

We ordered two sets, they only come with drinks but no fries. The price was quite expensive compared to Burger King or Lotteria. At Burger King, one set is around 5,000 won and comes with fries and drink.

17,000 won for just two burgers + two drinks!

The matiz, comes with bacon.

KB Original

Between the two, Matiz is tastier than KB Original but the size is smaller. It just made me craving for more. KB Original is just so so, I won't pay that much for this one but I'll probably would come back for the Matiz.

The pickles was nice, usually we would throw it out but this time we finished it all.

The portion here was way too small, I still felt hungry after the lunch. :P

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