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Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 1: Singapore - Bangkok

It was my first trip to Bangkok (can you believe that?? I think everybody must have been to Bangkok numerous times). I had written down my shopping list, places that I wanted to see, massage places, restaurants to try, I even carried with me a Bangkok guide borrowed from the library.

We departed from Singapore at 09.20 am by Jetstar Asia. The air ticket was very cheap, it cost around SGD 18 one way. The return trip would be by Air Asia which cost zero!! So total cost was SGD 85 including airport tax + fuel surcharge.

Jetstar Asia

The flight took two hours and the service was nice and friendly. We were given seat numbers, not like other budget airlines.

We took an airport shuttle bus because it would stop directly in front of the hotel. It cost 100B (SGD 4) per person, but the frequency was every half an hour. Later we realised that taxi cost about the same and I could have saved at least an hour. :((

Airport bus

City of Bangkok

We had our lunch in the hotel. Coconut juice cost only 20 B (SGD 0.8), and we ordered Pad Thai and Fried rice with beef, overall the bill was just around SGD 8.

Then we headed to the shopping district at Siam. We walked around Siam Discovery Centre, Siam Centre, and then MBK. Toiletries and cosmetics were considerably cheap compared to Singapore.

We had our dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Zen at MBK. We ordered a fried fish set (came with miso soup, kimchi alike and appetiser) and teriyaki chicken set with green tea shake. The fish portion was quite big and it was deep fried like gurame, I could almost eat everything because it was so crispy. The green tea shake was so shiok. Total damage was just around SGD 20. We would come back for more in the next few days.

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