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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 4: Bangkok - Singapore

We had a last minute shopping before going back to Singapore. Guess what.. it was MBK again. For all the cheap finds, just visit the MBK and you can find everything here. MBK is a huge building with 7-storey high, you can find clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, electronics, furnitures, optical shops, jewelleries, etc. There are a few hundred small shops or little counters for you to choose from.

We had our lunch near the MBK food court. It was a small eating place serving Thai food. The food was quite nice, I think most of the Thai food I had so far was generally quite good. We ordered their coconut juice frozen, it was shiok :)

Our flight was at 19.00, so we still had time to walk around. We tried their BTS and rode for a few stations to see the city. The BTS was very efficient, the only problem was no escalator to reach the platform, so we had to climb about 3 storey high of stairs.

BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System)

I'll visit Bangkok again someday...

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ria said...

...jadi kangen ama bangkok nih...