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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 1: Singapore - Desaru (Malaysia)

Finally we went for holiday!! It had been more than a year since the babymoon trip to Bali last year and I had been dreaming about this day to come much too often. :)

Since now there's a baby on board, our holiday destination is much restricted. It can't be too hectic, the destination must not be too far and it must be cheap (because we plan to bring our helper and if unfortunately the holiday is ruined I won't feel heart pain hehe...)

So for baby first trip, the choice fell on Desaru which fulfilled all my criteria. It is an easy drive from Singapore, the road trip is now even shorter with the newly opened Senai - Desaru (E22) highway. We could also bring as much baby stuff as we need and the room rate is cheap! More on that later.

Saturday morning was usually the busiest at the Woodlands Checkpoint. So after consulting the real-time traffic report, we decided to start the journey in the afternoon instead. When we reached the Checkpoint, the traffic jam wasn't that bad after all. It only took us about half an hour to reach the other side. From Johor Bahru, we drove about 15 minutes to E22 highway and it took another 30 minutes to Desaru. Easy breezy...

Senai-Desaru expressway (E22)

1.7 km bridge, just opened in June 2011

Lotus Desaru Resort
Our group had 4 adults and 1 infant (mom came with us), so I booked a two bedroom suite for 2 nights which cost RM 756 (SGD 305). I made a reservation at which gave us a non peak rate, this was about RM400 cheaper than the rate provided by the hotel itself. It was a pure luck to find this website hehe..

There are as much as 18 blocks in this resort.

We stayed at block F level 2.

Block F is next to the water park, perfect for family with kids. The next best are blocks that located nearest to the beach.

Dining and living room


Master bedroom

Bathroom in master bedroom

Second room

Complimentary baby cot

Another shower room

The beach

After leaving baby with grandma, we walked further along the beach. Love the quietness here.

Dinner was a headache, we drove nearby but couldn't find anything to eat. Only found some shabby places which we dare not to try, so in the end we had our dinner at the hotel.

That's all for Day One.


Anonymous said...

What is the exact Directions from the Second Link to the Senai Desaru Expressway?

Irene said...

You could check the map here.

Anonymous said...

Baby is super cute! :)

John Koh said...


i see ya blog when i did a search on route to desaru. 2 years ago, we went to desaru and ate at Bandar penawar ( a small town 5 min drive from desaru) U may ask the staff at hotel on directions. One place we stop by for dinner is a student hostel, the food (malay) is great. We had fried rice with egg (pattaya), mee goreng). Cheap and good.

Unknown said...

great info on lotus desaru. will be staying there on 21 Jan 2012 for 2 nights. Hope it will be a good experience