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Friday, March 28, 2008

Brasserie Wolf

We had dinner at Brasserie Wolf, a French restaurant located at The Pier condo near Singapore river. The area is quite happening, there are at least 20 restaurants at The Pier and Robertson Walk, not counted those at UE square and along the River Valley road. We should explore Singapore more often instead of going overseas. :P

The restaurant was dimly lit, supposedly to have a romantic ambience but it wasn't.

Pan seared duck foie gras

Chicken red wine with bacon, mushroom, baby onions and pasta

Beef Bourguignon with bacon, mushroom, baby onions and carrots

Overall the food was quite good, but with that kind of price I don't think I'll come again. It wasn't something that I will miss in the future. :) And I drank the most expensive water that night, the water from Fiji islands which cost SGD 10 for 500 ml. It tasted like .... water.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I swear I am not an alcoholic !!

Besides the fridge magnets, we also collect miniature liquors. These are the two things we always look for everywhere we go.

I still remembered when we first started to buy the miniatures on the Aussie trip at the airport duty free shop. That time we bought it because we wanted to try those liquors, they weren't meant as collectibles.

A few years later, we bought the Mozart liquors in Austria. Bought them for the same reason too, but after we finished the content, we found the bottles too pretty to throw away.

Then we got more and more bottles from Macau, Taipei, and the recent Europe trips. They were so cheap in Spain, especially those bought from the groceries shop run by a Chinese. He gave me a huge discount because I am Chinese too. Then in Gibraltar, so many liquor shops in the town area that made us skipped lunch. In Prague, also bought them from a Chinese-owned minimart. These miniatures were cheaper in Europe than in Asian countries. Anyway, I don't think we could find them in Asia.

In the end, we brought 25 bottles back to Singapore. :P



Let me introduce them...

Mozart Chocolate Cream

Johnie Walkers & Martinis


Most expensive group: VSOPs


The multinationals: Choya from Japan, Sangria from Spain, Becherovka from Czech


Creamy liquors

French liquors and rums

And the rest

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fridge magnets

We obtained quite a number of fridge magnet on the recent Europe trips. I'm glad that I have a large fridge to exhibit my collection. :)

Also, a friend helped me to get almost all the Australia ones. And last week, I bought three magnets from ebay for Glasgow, Canberra, and Grand Canyon. So lucky to get them all in one night's work.

So, this was what it looked like since the last post.

This was my temporary exhibition when I was in Paris.

After combining the two..

Click the images below for better view.

It seems like nobody is going to New Zealand so I just have to keep looking...
Here is my outstanding list:

New Zealand
- Auckland
- Christchurch
- Queenstown

- Avignon
- Lyon