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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Quest for fridge magnets

Just started collecting fridge magnet on the Europe trip. I like magnets that are made from resin, metal, wood, rubber (last option only) or other material that is unique. The magnet must bear the city name, with a landmark or something else representing the city.

So for those trips before that, I've been asking friends for help, search in Yahoo! or Ebay auctions, google the online souvenir shops, even join the mailing lists. I think I've done everything that I could think of.

So far I have succeded in obtaining some precious magnets (big thanks to Laura) and from the strangers whom I got to know from the mailing list.

So if you know how I can get these, please let me know. :)

- Las Vegas
- Grand Canyon

- Melbourne
- Canberra
- Cairns
- Great Barrier Reef

New Zealand
- Auckland
- Christchurch
- Queenstown

- Nice
- Avignon
- Lyon

Rome (with Colloseum)

Monaco (Monte Carlo)

Hong Kong


ria said...

irene....udah kerja blog jadi gak gak ada update-an baru euy..

enjoy ur work yaaa ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm back in Oz and I'll be thinking of you when i'm in any of those places you've listed ;)

Irene said...

How are you? Enjoying tai tai lifestyle? :) I don't know you left Singapore already.. let me know when you are back. What's your email address?