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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 78: Seoul (Seoul Grand Park)

As the name suggests, Seoul Grand Park is really big. It has a full scale zoo, theme park, rose garden and children's zoo. The not so good part is none of them is free hehehe...

Park entrance

Water fountain


Since we figured out that it would be very far to walk one whole round, we took the tram car.

The sky lift

Seoul Land theme park

The ride didn't last very long, in less than 10 minutes we were back to where we started as most area is only accessible for those who have the tickets hehehe...

This park isn't made for a leisure walk, you only come here if you want to visit the zoo or the theme park.

By the way, saw this on our way to the park. :)

Drying chillies the Korean way

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Seoul Grand Park said...

Aww, I miss Seoul Grand Park. Im sure you enjoyed your visit. Hope to get some great pictures when I get to visit the park again..