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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 83: Seoul (Shabu shabu and two two chicken)

It's the first time I had lunch with my friends/neighbours at Fraser. At first we wanted to go to the grill fish restaurant but the fish were out of stock. How could it be??? So after walking around in Myeongdong, we finally went in to a shabu shabu place.

We ordered beef and mushroom shabu, and added some fishball and shrimp dumplings (they called it shrimp buns).

Beansprout pyramid :)

Beef and noodles

Various types of mushroom.

Fishball sticks

Put everything in.

The soup base is quite nice, we even ask for extra soup hehe... It is a nice change if you don't feel like eating the typical spicy or grilled Korean food. Now I discover another 'plain food' alternatives. :)

For dinner, I bought some fried chicken from two two chicken. This shop is just next to our apartment but I never try it until now. Actually I tried to go there a few times during lunch time but they are always closed. I thought they are closing the shop, but actually they only open during the night. I also notice that this kind of fried chicken shop is always a beer joint too, it's a question mark to me why they always ends up together.

two two chicken comes in two flavours: original and sweet and spicy. The chicken is sold in set and not per piece. One set is 15,000 won, half a set is 8,500 won and a mixed set is 16,000 won.

15,000 won for 5 pieces of chicken. They also give pickles, a small can of Pepsi, and sweet chili sauce.

Original flavour

The fried chicken is very very crispy and not oily. The pickles are nice too. We couldn't finish it so I keep it for the next day. And it's still good!

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Bev said...

Hi Irene,

Any idea where I can find Two Two or Sinchon Fried Chicken?