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Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 80: Seoul (Look at the side dishes)

This place has a very nice decor, really cosy and looks quite upscale but thankfully not the price. Yeah :)

Nice decor

The opposite one has nice decor too. I should go there too one day. :)

You know it's one of the better restaurants by looking at the side dishes.

The side dishes are slightly different from what we usually have. Even hubby loves the kimchi which he usually doesn't eat.

Seaweed with sesame seeds. I love to eat this with rice.

Raw blue swimmers crab! albeit a very small one :P

This is the first time I ordered a kimchi jjigae. It's sooooo spicy but very nice.

My kimchi jjigae

Not for the ddukbaegi bulgogi, he said it's just alright.

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