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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Day 64: Seoul (Our number one Korean food, tteokbokki)

Tteokbokki at Samcheongdong
On my previous post I wrote that I didn't quite like the food here and prefer Nolboo. Well, after giving them a second chance I think we are their number one foreign fans. Since then we have been here almost every weekend. We are so crazy about it that we usually talk about going to this place starting midweek and get very excited when weekend comes. And as for hubby, since he goes back to Singapore once in a while, he would usually say that he couldn't wait to return to Korea and eat that "red red" one rather than saying he couldn't wait to see me. :(

Day or night, whether it's noon, 2pm, 6pm, or almost 8 pm, the queue never ends, we always wait for about 20 minutes before we could go in. Not like in Singapore where queuing for food is so common, I never see any queue at restaurants here, so isn't this place amazing?

We faithfully queue here on every weekend. :P

Wall vandalized by the customers while queuing.

Just put our mark here to count how many times we visit this place while in Korea. :P

Always full house.

The first time we were there, we ordered seafood and cheese. It didn't go down very well. The second time, we ordered seafood and bulgogi. This was when we were converted. The soup was so yummy that we polished the pot clean!

We ordered seafood and bulgogi again on our third visit. Then on our fourth visit we decided to order seafood and sausage. This is the most ultimate combination, and we became so addicted to it hehehe...

At first I thought this is the same as budae jjigae at Nolboo. They have a similar ingredients, but only the soup here is thicker. Anyway, after two classes of Hangeul, now I could read the menu. They called this tteokbokki. But this is very different from the tteokbokki that is usually sold on the roadside, which I don't like at all. Those tteokbokki are very plain, which consists of rice cake and gochujang (red pepper) paste only.

Seafood and sausage tteokbokki with ramen

When we were almost done, the auntie would ask whether we wanted a bokkeumbap (fried rice). Of course, it's a must!

Tips: make sure you finish the soup if you like it very much. The auntie will then take away your pot and cook the fried rice on it. At first we thought that they need some gravy for the fried rice, so we left a considerable amount of it but they threw it away. NOOOOO!!

Bokkeumbap (fried rice)

The tteokbokki costs 3,500 won per person. Ramen is 1,000 won each, fried rice is 1,500 won. So this meal only costs us 10,500 won (SGD 12.2) in total. (For comparison, the budae jjigae costs at least 6,000 won per person at Nolboo).

This is the cheapest Korean food that we ever know and is damn good. No wonder we are always grinning in satisfaction and rubbing our tummy on our way back home.

Direction: Exit 1 from Anguk Station. After you come out of the station, walk straight and then turn right on the second junction. You would see a school on your right hand side. Walk straight and keep a look out at the small alleys on your right. If you see a queue, that should be it. It can't go wrong.


rara said...

oh mashita!!!! i'm hungry already!!! pls bring me there next time ok ;)

Irene said...

okie anytime :D

Princesse Michelle said...

The tteobokki looks good... can you gimme the address??? canna kiv for next time i go there..

Irene said...

I don't have the exact address, you could try to follow the direction I wrote on this post.

Alyssa said...

Which ones should i tick on the order chit for the seafood and bulgogi tteokbokki? :)

Irene said...

Alyssa, second and third row. ;)

Alyssa said...

Thanks babe! :D