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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Day 65: Seoul (Leisure Sunday at Insadong)

Every weekend, we keep going to our favourite places for food. It's either BBQ pork, Japanese curry rice, or the tteokbokki. Told ourselves that we have to try something new every week to expand our food database. Insadong has hundreds of restaurants and I think we only tried less than 10%.

Alfresco lunch at Insadong.

Weekdays or weekends, day or night, Insadong is always crowded. I really love to walk around here, could feel that it's such a happening place.

Side dishes

This time we had seolleongtang (beef bones that cooked for hours) and bulgogi (marinated beef) in soup. The seolleongtang was quite tasteless even after putting a lot of salt.


Boiling bulgogi ddukbaegi

Bulgogi with tang hoon (glass noodles) and enoki mushroom. The soup was very very tasty. Yum!

Summer is almost over, not much blooming flowers left.

We saw a few men and ladies wearing masks walking around Insadong. It was the preview of the famous mask dance festival at Andong. Andong is a small village about 4 hours from Seoul by train, I don't think we are going all the way there just to see this.


angela said...

Hi Irene,

I'm from Singapore and will be visiting Korea in Nov and chanced upon your blog in my reading. Your photos are really gorgeous ;)

I read that you are staying at Frasers now and would like to ask about the shuttle bus service. Is it a daily service and which places does it go to?

Thanks and regards

Irene said...

Hi Angela,
The shuttle bus service is just once a day on it goes to the supermarket like Lotte Mart, E-Mart, Cosco, Namdaemun Market on certain days.